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    Upgrading Trimble signal

    The better the accuracy, the higher the requirements for proper operation. Would hardly ever have dropouts on Egnos... If your RTK signal provider charges plenty, build your own RTK base at less than the subscription for one tractor for a year. Dropouts can occur for many reasons. Low...
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    RTK advice

    I have both radio and NTRIP (cellular modem with a SIM card) on our tractor. I pay 10 € per year for the SIM. Establishing the free radio connectivity was much more expensive. You should have RTK corrections at a lower price than CenterPoint. If not, consider a DIY base. Some 200 € for an...
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    Fj dynamics rtk autosteer affordable retrofit

    Anyone complaining lack of support? Looks to me like one sales man available per buyer? :cool:
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    Incredible Low cost Grain Drier

    A woman driving? ;) Shouldn't need the clothing for cold weather.
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    Amatron+ section control from c3000 screen.

    AOG is certainly an option if some DIY work is allowed. Then again, Amazone GPS Switch boxes seem to be available at low cost. Feed NMEA for GPS Switch from C3000 and you're done. We use that as we had the sprayer long before the tractor.
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    Valtra 6400 2005 year.

    I thought the drive is the only ECU on a Valtra 6400 but there indeed seems to be a small box. The system has two solenoid driven valves. I thought it should move if both solenoids were idle but perhaps not. Not knowing how the power shift drives work, perhaps the "all idle" state means no...
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    On Track guidance system -anyone got any views how good they are?

    Usually difficult to interpret what "works well" means. These receivers are using EGNOS corrections, pass-to-pass accuracy some 30 cm in good satellite visibility (sometimes 20 cm claimed but that figure assumes a lower confidence level). Drift is an issue if one needs to leave the field to come...
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    Anyone used agopen?

    For the lightbar feature you would not need more HW (perhaps a box for the receiver to protect it). You do need to configure the receiver for your application or Ardusimple may do it for you (I think they have this service at some additional cost). Not too difficult to configure the receiver...
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    Anyone used agopen?

    Yes, good for a lightbar and ready for RTK if you later on decide to upgrade your system.
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    Valtra 6400 2005 year.

    Is it the same pump for hydraulics and the gearbox/steering? Anyway it should have an indicator light for gearbox pressure (if it works).
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    Valtra 6400 2005 year.

    Which lights came on (and stayed on)? Do you have gearbox hydraulic pressure? I believe it should move even if the shift solenoids were not working, wires cut or such. Wonder if the shaft turning the oil pump has lost teeth.
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    Can Fendt Novatel talk to JD Harvestlab 3000?

    I did not read any HarvestLab 3000 details but if it only needs NMEA for location and speed, you can get those messages from the D9 connector at the Fendt roof. Just set the serial bit rate the same on both devices and configure your Fendt to output the necessary messages. This is all in the...
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    Auto steering Valve Fitting John Deere 7530

    On our 720 SCR the steer valve was changed just after the warranty expired (the known Danfoss valve issue). The part was provided for free under good will but we had to pay for the work which was a bit more than 1000€. On a 900 series Fendt it would have been very simple.
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    Auto steering Valve Fitting John Deere 7530

    This is good to know but you could mention the brand and model of you tractors assuming not all are JD7530 as on the thread title. Retrofitting the valve is not equally simple for all tractors, don't know if it is for the majority.
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    Auto steering Valve Fitting John Deere 7530

    If it is Topcon from LH Agro, they would likely fit the wheel angle sensor with the strap on steering wheel too (I guess optional). Not sure if anyone installs hydraulic steering without a wheel angle sensor (on a tractor with normal steering) but a good point to look after for both options...