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    Teat Dip and teat condition

    Cross that one off then. What about deosan super excell ( expensive) or the kiwikit alternative?
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    Teat Dip and teat condition

    Don’t think it has any lanolin in it!
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    Teat Dip and teat condition

    I have been using Kilco glycodip for quite a few years now and thinking of having a change. Cow teats are too dry for my liking. Thinking I want to stick with an iodine based product but with superior emollients. I am aware there are hundreds of products out there. Does anyone have any...
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    Recommendations for concrete grooving

    Vermot again. Saves cows
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    Milk Price Tracker

    How much is the artic bonus?
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    Milk Price Tracker

    I can see radial haulage charges becoming more common
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    Milkrite Impulse Air and milk froth

    Is it worth the hassle with all this foam?
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    Milk price 2021

    They are great if you have one. Keep a lot of v average farmers in business though, and inflate rents
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    Dilemma !

    an uninspiring choice. How have you ended up at this point?
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    Milk Price Tracker

    What is the max volume bonus with muller non aligned now?
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    What’s everyone footbathing with?

    Why did you ditch the auto bath?
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    Ag lime on sand beds?

    Will you not end up with cement?
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    Milk Price Tracker

    Yes, well done fm. What does everyone think of the muller mmg press release?
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    Cluster flush

    Yer and Dairymaster is all 4 draw at once pulsation
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    Cluster flush

    Interesting. Did you self diagnose? How much bigger did you make the claw vent?

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