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    Situation Vacant Field Research Technician, Corteva Agriscience™

    This position is based at Corteva’s Global Research Station near Warwick. As a technician, you will contribute to a growing range of projects by preparing and maintaining experiments both on and off station. Your excellent knowledge of agriculture will help you to plan, implement, and manage...
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    Win a Microband Air, competition closes 15.12.19

    Hi. The Microband Air is used for in furrow application of granular chemicals during planting and can be fitted to a wide range of planters. The applicator is mounted low down to aid filling and calibration, with granules being delivered to the outlets via a high capacity pneumatic fan...
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    Win a Microband Air, competition closes 15.12.19

    Corteva Agriscience is giving away a Microband Air this month! The competition closes on 15 December 2019. The prize includes the kit being fitted and calibrated ready for use in 2020 Enter here: (On display at BP2019 in Harrogate)