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    Phil the Greek

    Possible hand delivered.
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    Conspiracy theories

    It's all those little coincidence s that add up to fact. Far to many little bits of evidence some times. Would Tony Blair have been an establishment hero if he had got more to stop farming at the time and make easier way for the great British wild life park? Just a silly thought, but was huge...
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    Not sure if was icy conditions or Ford ranger, that caused this.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Was flat 9 selling?
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    Fake RSPCA people - Be careful....

    We had the awful experience of living in an end terrace house, with neighbour leaving 4 dogs for several days unattended. We had 3 young kids in house having to listen to them bark howl fight and just make life terrible. Had lot of knocks on door from others saying we should do so the thing...
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    Roadside tree felling

    Electric board should be willing to do the work. It looks close enough from pictures to be in danger zone. And main trunk would flatten line if goes over. Which they would not want. Would think they taje it down.
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    100,000 unsold pigs

    Surely there can be very little reduction in b and b price. Most large players have x number of weaners going from their breeding units weekly. They then go to nursery units, some will fatten to some not, few variations. But would be very short sighted veiw of pig owner to drop price by even 50...
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    100,000 unsold pigs

    Regulations stop you slaughtering and butchering for sale unless lots of boxes ticked etc. Lot of smaller slaughter houses now not able to do pigs as with camera system that came in the stun box has to have camera on, £8000. Some pigs were going across to Ireland for slaughter but as has been...
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    Are we all equal?

    Well thank you for pointing out this. But I assumed wrongly obviously that the OP meant humans in the question they asked. As for sea cucumbers, am sure there is some personal connection for you bringing them into play. My poor point was in what way are we or are we not equal. We all...
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    Are we all equal?

    Surely that's a joke. Secretary bored, thought be a laugh. As for are we all equal, no we are not because of various reasons but we are all the same put food in one hole comes out another, so if we all treated each other the same with equal respect we would be equal. But it be boring if all...
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    The cost of doing safety on the cheap !

    Slightly off topic Bob, but is that a picture of your turbine in your aviator. If so is it one of those big ones with red light on.
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    How to find sheep grazing

    Try border livestock exchange, good website to view before a call. And always good to deal with. Oh and in your area.
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    I have about 250 metres of river side land, I do not own the fishing rights. Think private individual owns and local fishing club rent fishing rights. I own up to river but fishing rights allow 2 metres for access. Only seen one person in last 12 years.
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    Meet my pigs.

    Knew some one would moan at that but at least its a Yorkshire person. Did I say cover it in sauce or other condiments. Personal taste personal preference. I find a little red adds to taste often and brings other flavours out but we are all different with different taste buds. And thanks for the...
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    Meet my pigs.

    How was your bacon buttie, red or brown or no sauce and where did you get bacon done. Cheers