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    ifor trailer parts ?

    Just done our tri axle with all new bearings, back plates, spring bushes, couple bump stops and hubs found Hendry Kent trailers most competitive and bits arrived promptly. Several orders as once you get into always find something else.
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    Dromone push out hitch wear plates

    Would these be made of 8mm hdpe plastic at all? I've seen mf price for them 😯 but not phoned about yet with places being shut.
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    Ford 6410 or case 885xl

    Have old ford and 844xl. Case far better place to spend the day though xl cabs are notorious for rot and mines no different, engine never seen a spanner bar servicing and been treated hard. Slow hydraulics compared to ford.
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    Timely reminder to check the u bolts on livestock trailers, just saying 🤭
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    Tuchel brush bristle replacement cost

    Cheers I saw them but the tuchel appeared to be in three longer sections rather than slices iyswim. Never had a sweeper before so could be wrong.
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    Tuchel brush bristle replacement cost

    Was looking at second hand road brush and wondered what sort of price to factor in for worn bristles, tried inquiries earlier but waiting to hear back. Just wondering if anybody on here knows? Thanks.
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    images needed of timing gears on a perkins phaser tier 2 engine

    There both on a mf7480 but don't undo the big nut, just the four little ones after pinning at tdc. Do have pics but idle between crank, cam and fuel pump just been shoved on randomly previously so all marks 12 teeth out. Rear timing case off for water leak, can't say I like the design.
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    Naud Ploughs

    old auto reset 3F naud here, been thinking of upgrading as bigger tractor to pull it now. New mouldboards of spaldings a few years back. Coulters, points and skims sourced from kramp this year.
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    front mount topper direction

    Which way does yours spin on front? imagine it's same way as on back as front PTO usually spins opposite from back.
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    front mount topper direction

    yip same setup just bit beefier. Even more so now as ive had it long time and remade the chassis with even thicker plate and box than when it was bought new. The stew and snapping of 12.9 shanked pto bolts is annoying when currently front mounted.
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    front mount topper direction

    Sorry no pics at present but can get. The blades have plain flat edge on both sides so fit either side and would cut in either direction of rotation. Its just flat chassis with adjustable skids at side, two flat discs turned by comer transfer box each with two blades bolted to each disc. im...
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    front mount topper direction

    I imagined it cuts most with leading blade that comes into contact first like a drum mower I presumed.
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    front mount topper direction

    hi what direction should front topper rotate? towards tractor throwing stuff behind or forwards? Its a blade topper that i have and when purchased it was used front mount on demonstration and the middle gearbox was just flipped with bung and breather reversed. Its just i find it seems to eat...
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    Orbital steering unit closed or open

    waiting to hear back from couple breakers and the price for shock valve from kramp agent, before seeing if better getting new orbital with valves built in. Cheers
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    Orbital steering unit closed or open

    Yeah thats the worry, may need complete set. Rest of combine works fine just bit slow but light too in bad year.