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    Shearwell website

    Just out of interest, what can the border software do that the farmworks can't? I'm guessing that if it is something that will make life better with farmworks then they may be able to tweak it abit. They must take on board feedback from farmers and change stuff. As I noticed on the most recent...
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    Worm eggs

    What is the diffence between a barber pole egg and a strongyle egg under the microscope. Seen a barber pole worm doing egg counts just now, but not sure what the eggs look like?
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    Priority Habitat

    Has anyone managed to successfully get Priority Habitat restrictions lifted, if the field/fields in question aren't a priority habitat (ie lowland species rich meadow that aren't species rich) Also how do I find out when said field became a "Priority Habitat"? Thanks
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    Laser alignment of Fence Posts

    I wouldn't bother personally, just put up 22 or 30 stock netting with a plain wire at the bottom and you've a sheep proof fence until the stakes rot out. We put a load of 7 strands of HT plain when we first come here. They keep pushing their heads through to eat out the hedge until it goes a...
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    Anyone Received Environmental Payments for 2019

    We were told last week that the bridging payment would be sometime in May
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    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    Just as a flip side to that, first year growing beet here. Only had one prolapse out of nearly 500. Been strip grazing beet since Xmas, then fed beet all through lambing too, on our last trailer load now, tipped out on grass. No cake so no scrums though
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    What's your AFC

    Yea I use FieldAreaMeasure app. I think it’s very good for a free one. You can sit on your settee plotting out paddocks and then when you’re out putting them up the little GPS blue dot shows where to put them within a couple metres
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I couldn’t give 2 s****s about whether or not anyone can buy Easter eggs or not. As long as my friends/ family can get through this all unaffected. Im pretty sure most people come on this thread (me included) to look at lamb/beef prices, not the availability of Easter eggs
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: You need to get a job and stop reading so much tripe online, and then subsequently jamming up decent threads like this one. Live in the real world and just be great full that you and your family are alive and healthy. (I say get a job, as there must be no way in hell...
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    The what to change when its over thread ?

    Chicken of the cave...
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    Back to back lambing pens

    Not a huge expense extra to bling the up with screw in eyelets and lengths of 10mm bar.
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    Ringing tails.

    We must be horrendous sheep farmers then, as we’re one of the most Southerly commercial flocks on the mainland. If you’re ever down our way you are welcome to look around our hellhole, just watch out for the pile of dead ewes at the end our lane.....
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    Countryfile tonight

    Split, Syrup on split, Cream on syrup on split Thunder and lightning is a lot better!
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    Smock Top

    Do the goretex repair patches work on the ridge line “quiet-tex” material? Or even better do ridgeline make their own patches?
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    Is anyone in beef and sheep willing to invest money?

    You could always cut out the two middle ones and just weld one in the centre to make it a three pronger to make life easier. But I’d wait for it to get out of warranty first. Also let insurance company know of modifications otherwise you may not be covered.

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