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    Tractor filters

    It's deja vu all over again.
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    Case 4240 hard to start when weather is cold cold no bother otherwise any ideas

    As the further posts have said, get a geared starter from AC Engineering you won't regret it. My IH is a Perkins engined one so the starter will be different, but she starts first touch now.
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    BBC2 9pm tonight

    Actually it's in Rocester.
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    Smoky Perkins

    ! - 0 to Qman..........Merry Christmas.
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    Antifreeze quantity.

    I'm surprised we need antifreeze with all this global warming.
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    Smoky Perkins

    Old Duck slags off John Deeres and admits to owning an Ursus and a Same. Merry Christmas.
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    Starter Motor Power

    I was always told that it was not the size but how you use it. I always look after my starter.
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    John Deere 6130r battery

    How can you tell the difference between a genuine Iskra and a fake one?
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    John Deere 6130r battery

    Is your knackered battery a 110Ah one or the 154Ah? As john342 says, you should get a big one with both terminals at one end. Tanya are brilliant to buy from, I would get this one...
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    I live near Derby where Rolls Royce make the engines for the submarines we have sold to Australia. The workers at RR can buy my beef and lamb because they have a well paid job. Free trade has always made countries richer which ought to run down to farming, why do you want a communist system...
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    Boris appears not to want a referendum in Scotland and bungs them plenty of money to stay with the English. They would be in a right old mess if they had to rely on Sturgeon.
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    But if prices were bad he would get the blame. I can't understand the apathy in some farmers when things ATM are good.
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    Mrs May very nearly lost to Corbyn and would have done if the Grenfell Tower fire had been a week earlier. Boris thrashed Corbyn because he is likeable and electable. Why so many posters are knocking Boris I don't know, when farm prices have never been so good. I like Boris and hope he wins...
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    Hi, anyone with experience using PTOs would you mind taking a few mins to fill out a survey for a uni project? It's hugely appreciated!

    Done. PTO guards are badly made, but if we took more care they would last longer. A contractor I use had a new machine and he didn't bother attaching the chain which ruined it quickly. It would be nice if it was easier to grease pto shafts as well.