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    How does this sh1t happen on a road with a white line? Many of the Irish lads will tell you we drive big machinery down roads barely wide enough for 2 cars, no white line and dont crash. When drawing silage, slurry, the diggers, bale trailer I often meet artic loads of timber from the...
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    New toy day

    Body only for £99?
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    towing with 2 litre amarok

    V6 Amarok is lovely, I was in one once when the owner of a mk7 golf gti shot off from the m6 toll booth. The V6 auto amarok held it's own against the gti, long enough for the gti owners wife to make him desist and we went sailing by 🤣
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    New toy day

    My womans sister has 2 kids and a vauxhall corsa. Hoping 1 child in this will do us a while but I'm already seeing the mountain of gear arrive day by day in the babys room when I get home each day, amazon delivery guy must be on first name terms by now!
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    Telehandler for £20k ish

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    New toy day

    I'm thinking of the residual value when it gets traded back in when more little ones come along. No-one will want a boring old basic spec model in a few years
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    New toy day

    Bought a new family car as we are expecting...
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    Straw chopper

    What's the best 2nd hand machine to tackle round bale silage and straw?
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    Where can buy this?

    You already have the twin beacons and grassmen window sticker I take it?
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    Which excavator?

    Yes balances fine, I mean if you wanted to make it lift the track at the back you have to be fairly rough or be meaning to do it. Almost every machine down the motorway is a zx135 or zx225. You have to look hard to find something with a big arse that isn't a 350 or that.
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    Which excavator?

    Very good, mountains of power. Having the blade means it has bigger drives than a non bladed 135 or a 130 so plenty of go and the blade makes it so easy. Zero swing is handy to get around and not have to watch for objects catching the rear end.
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    Which excavator?

    Yeah just to break it up a little, hopefully give her a full lick of paint end of this/start of next year.
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    Which excavator?

    Our 2 machines Before anyone asks the boom sticker on the 135 is just temporary to cover the previous hire company name before we fully paint it this winter.

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