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    Need to put poison into it first to kill the mice
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    Potato price 2018

    Its not all sunshine, neighbour is currently selling all his processing potatoes that were destined for school dinners, for stick feed.
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    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    Another good thing is that the feed passage only has to be cleaned out about 4 times per winter i have found
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    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    Be better with a 12 cube, my 10 cube boils stuff put over the side
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    Potato price 2018

    Potatoes moving well here, lockdowns really help the trade, fruit veg and eggs going well too.
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    Pre emergence sprays For potatoes

    Don't know what is still left on market, stomp aqua and sencorex used to be the answer
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    Pre emergence sprays For potatoes

    Covered with plastic?
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    PO70ATO assigning it to a tractor

    I used to have DIG (cant remember the numbers) on the harvester tractor
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    Used Potato Boxes

    Where did u get the magnet? Thats what's putting me off burning mine all the nails
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    oil out of exhaust

    Needs a day's hard work
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    Fluke in cattle

    Got a report from aphis saying that out of the last 12 cattle i killed, 5 had liver fluke. What is a good dose, preferably a pour on with a short meat withdrawal?
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    4-500 Used Potato Boxes

    Better with new ones. I have always regretted buying used ones. They are OK the first year then have casualties every year then
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    I have almost stopped listening the radio. Every day the same crap. For a year
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    Self employed gov grant

    If I was an investigator I'd be going to you first, since you don't know if you need the money or not. Just sayin
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    Ford 8040 SLE Lift problem

    Wouldn't worry about losing oil, mine loses a litre to the acre when destoning but not much the rest of the year so its handier to buy a drop of oil

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