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    Milk Price Tracker

    they just blamed rising costs, they ship more off to the USA so it does cost them more, Arla has the UK market since they bought Yeo Valley.
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    Milk price for next spring/summer

    In April,May and June we will probably be on 5p less than conventional. Crazy.
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    The hoof GP

    Pure Shorthorns? Ours are dairy Shorthorns and were having terrible trouble with lameness
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    Milk price for next spring/summer

    We've gone down 3p since June. We're organic so don't use any fertilizer but cake is getting ridiculous over £500 a ton
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    Are you all depressed ?

    Very much so, rapidly increasing costs, rapidly decreasing milk price, BPS is going, and on top of all that, Farmers are being scapegoated for climate change and people are being told constantly to stop eating meat and dairy, the long hours, isolation, loneliness... The constant worry of TB...
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    the beds being drier probably inhibits the bacteria from spreading out as much
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    Dairy Herdsmen expected salary

    At least £50 a week.
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    We use it, it's good stuff,keeps the beds dry and SCC down, but very dusty. I wear a mask when chucking it out every day. The stuff with sawdust in isn't as good we found.
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    4 day week

    I would be over the moon with a 6 and a half day week to be honest!
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    Strategies for controlling docks.

    It's nice to see you conventional folk struggling with them, we're organic and spend many weeks picking the roots out of ploughing :mad:
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    Omsco dropping another 2p

    Produced without antibiotics Any cow that needs antibiotics can never go in the tank again and has to be sold. Only under 12 months can have them
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    Omsco dropping another 2p

    Cake is not far off £500 a ton
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    Omsco dropping another 2p

    They keep promising a brighter future but that's been the same line for about 10 years now.
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    Omsco dropping another 2p

    What a joke. They've made us all go PWAB and now we're on less than we were before. Being organic is absolutely pointless.
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    Do you or your family do your own bookkeeping?

    At the moment it's going with the farm business.