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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Cefetra ?
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    Beet yields 2020

    Were they ever actually available to order unlike on information sheet ? No BTS3020, BTS5770 or KWS Evallota Waste your time looking through price list / recommended list then go online to fill it in and not available on day one.!! Gone for non cruiser as dont like all the restrictions going...
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    Which Dash Cam?

    I’ve just bought a nextbase. If you buy direct they sometimes have bundle offers. Also try using SAVE10 at checkout as knocks 10% off as there doesn’t seem to be any discount on them between other retailers.
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    Pigeons in osr?

    Had one, Sent ours back as wasn't any better than £10 lasers off ebay. The portek one might be better if the laser light could be closed up to a tighter beam. The tightest setting is not enough. Needed to be very overcast then it would shift rooks and pigeons, but they say it would work in...
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    Nroso heavy handed email

    I got an email a week or so before Christmas saying I hadn't paid my renewal and that they would suspend my membership. I had already paid them by BACS 10 days before due date. Sent them an email telling them to go to specsavers and check their records. Got one back saying it had been paid...
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    Reliable and 'cheap' telehandlers?

    This Manitou doesn't look too bad for age and hours. Not sure what they are like though?
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    Geofolia…. Gatekeeper….. or Something Else.

    I purchased programme in summer rather than rent and after NFU discount was around £1500. I didn't opt for an app based add on which would have been quite a bit extra. Going forward there is an annual support cost. Nothing is cheap these days.
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    Geofolia…. Gatekeeper….. or Something Else.

    Been on gatekeeper for quite a few years but always struggled as found it too complicated for my needs. A couple of months ago when my annual support payment was due I decided to change to Geofolia. Geofolia seems more user friendly and you get mapping included in package. Still early days but...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Market has dropped £4 apparently due to new covid strain concerns. Probably just a blip.
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    Forth coming fuel protests …..

    Agriculture has still got red diesel, unlike some other industries which are going to loose it next year. I personally wouldn't want to rock the boat.
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    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    So at the moment if you could lock in 10% of your quota in straight away then you would be £7/t better off than the 1 year deal and wouldn't have to keep monitoring the market throughout the season ?
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    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Same here. Not done mine yet, thinking of taking a planned field out as I’ll be over quota this year so if I fall short next year so be it! Put field in with spring barley instead. Less hassle , cheaper growing costs and hopefully prices will remain good.
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    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Has anybody returned their contract offer ? This Saturday is the deadline for any future linked contracts. A week later for multi and one year contracts. Personally I'm just going with some on 1year and remainder is in multi year but not extending. With grain prices and growing costs being high...
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    Why aren't you buying it earlier to take advantage of a 30% discount. Surely It would be quite a saving?
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    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    @DrWazzock Don’t keep mulling it over or else you will change your mind again and sign up again for next year,,!! 😆