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    Telegraph poles

    Telegraph poles for sale £35 each. Lancashire
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    Pedigree lim bull

    How much do you want for him?
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    Fabdec 6000 litre

    Still here
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    Fabdec 6000 litre

    Replied to you on pm
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    Fabdec 6000 litre

    Fabdec 6000 litre dx tank for sale. Located Lancashire.
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    Fabdec 6000 litre milk tank

    Single phase,Lancashire, not sure of age I’ll have a look if I can find it later.only stopped using it this week, 2 compressors
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    Fabdec 6000 litre milk tank

    Any ideas what it’s worth? Good working order with hot wash and new compressor last year!
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    Looking for a ir torch for my nv.

    Have a look on Nightvision forum. I use a dragonfly and a Black sun dark engine.
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    To many stalkers are only interested in culling bucks and stags because of the profit from taking clients out, to keep the deer numbers under control a significant hind and doe cull is required in the winter months,time is limited because many pheasant shoots don’t want the birds disturbing...
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    VW Amarok owners

    Not having low box on the auto Amarok has been my decision to change to a auto hilux,The manual Amarok I have at the moment has been brilliant and Low box was used a lot but I need auto because of a bad knee! Hope the hilux is as good!
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    John Deere 6920s Battery

    Are John Deere batteries not made by Varta?
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    Tanker problem

    Pipe that comes off top of pump to top of tanker could be sucking in on the inside when under pressure! You can’t see it from the outside,inner core of pipe becomes detached! New piece of pipe and try it!
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    Calving gate

    Bo steel one looks good'
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    For fox sake

    Those were the days a good bull X. Still got the fell terriers to dig to!
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    For fox sake

    The bigger the trap the better,foxes don't like going in the small traps that are available on line,far better making your own! For me it's thermal imager and night vision!