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    Guess the parts price thread ?

    It could be a big night if you play your cards right !!!!!!!!!
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    Arc welder

    I have a kemppi strikes a nice arc everytime far better than the gysm i had before,but theres loads of choice out there
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    Case puma 40km to 50km

    Its alright this 50k + speeds if they are capable of coming to a stop safety but in the hands on some of these lesser experienced drivers i would't like to be the person who has to make the knock on someones door ( and give the bad news)
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    6470 t3 sisu starter motor

    What would the original be 3.? and do these higher powered type help start a common rail engine better than the standard?
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    6470 t3 sisu starter motor

    can anyone give me the reference for this (4.2 kw geared type ) ive done some googling but they all seem as if they are for the perkins engine are they the same ref for the sh!t sui.
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    Kat loaders

    but how much work would/could they do in comparison?
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    trailed discs

    Does anyone use them these days ,i used to use an old set of trailed that evenually wore out ( always managed to get a seed bed) and were replaced by some of these mounted "short type" which seem to be the fashion but they dont seem to do a good all round job no depth or penentration ,how does a...
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    Massey 5709 global

    Mines had a n add blue injector problem,needs a new one!!!How can you stop these things blocking up?
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    Cordless angle grinder?

    Another one of those things like battery grease gun,hammer ,stiltsons once youve got one you'll wonder how you managed before ,on a serious note they are a handy tool and even better with (correction) quick nut
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    add blue cheaper!!!!
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    add blue

    Is it possible to test it,and can anyone confirm does it have a self life.
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    MF pickup hitch pins

    qtp have a fair few bits for massey hitches the only thing i cant find is the lift rods, certain sizes the last time i was needing one were stealer only!!!
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    Corrosion/rust inhibiter
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Will hrn be the biggest kubota dealer in the uk
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    Taylor bale unwinder

    Depending on room a simple tine unroller can work well

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