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    Explosion in Beruit

    Different Manchester bomb, back in 1996 I believe.
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    If it was that easy to grow with very few downfalls people would be growing it all over the country...
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    Claas 8900, youtube 2020 harvest.

    Link for anyone who wants to see it...
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    Drilling OSR

    I know of some going in in Essex, roll of the dice but the soils warm and plenty of moisture after rain yesterday with more forecast for tomorrow.
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    Who’s who on TFF ?

    Its not like any of us mods on here have full time jobs, families and hobbys to keep ourselves busy :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
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    Harvest Log 2020 Day 1

    Couple of things, I follow Jake on Youtube where he posts these videos, this one is from 10 days ago, not sure why its taken so long to appear here, this has been posted by Farm TV not Jake himself so you might not get an answer here. In his other harvest videos so far he hasn't yet harvested...
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    Trimble receiver hire

    Vantage do hire kit out. Might be worth a call. That said the prices aren't cheap perhaps because of the hassle mentioned above!
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    Insufficient Privileges

    You can't post a thread in the private or dealer listings machinery for sale section, all the threads in there are automatically generated when a user lists an item in the classifieds section of TFF. If you have an item worth under £350 you can list it in a new thread in that section off the for...
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    Balewrapper wanted

    I think I've pointed out the same thing to you before, actually add some detail to your post and you might get some useful answers!!
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    Carrier 22ft Double grain elevator

    22ft Carrier double grain elevator. Not been used for a number of years, has cups on the old belts but would need new belts. Gearbox and bearings all turn nicely. No electric motor included. £200 + VAT
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    Freelander 2 boot catch
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    Claas question

    You are asking a pretty niche question on a relatively old tractor. Not sure there's that many actual Claas mechanics on here and even then they might not know. Someone might come along that knows something but people dont always come on here everyday and even then might not see the thread. I...
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    Affordable lawn mower

    Might be worth putting what country your in, as most replies you get will be from the UK and probably not apply to where you are.
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    Today at work

    Wonder if were missing a little side income trick here as farmers.
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    Well Regarded Member prohibited from ...

    Its to stop spammers posting a reply to a thread and then just copy and pasting it and posting it hundreds of times very quickly. We have to have these measures in place to stop this sort of thing happening. Its very rare that a normal user posts on the same thread within 15 seconds of a...

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