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    Tractor looks

    Noisiest cab in the world too, i used to own one.
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    Claas Ares 656 RZ linkage not working

    Muguard (fender) buttons are a common problem that cause this type of fault.
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    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    Done, thankyou.
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    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    I'm running a Horsch Terrano with Bourgault 7 inch wide duckfoot points but i am only getting around 70 acres before they are worn out. They are made by Blue Armour. Is there a similar point available but with tungsten grafted on to make them last longer ?
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    Manitou 630 starting problems

    I disconnected the seat switch on mine and it still does this sometimes ! But it does start with no one on the seat at least.
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    Horsch Terrano FX

    Good machine makes a seedbed suitable for a Vaderstad rapid in one pass on most of my land , i am on light sandy loam. This is my first year with it though.
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    NH CX windscreen replacement cost?

    My previous TX64 had a crack in the screen starting at the bottom right hand side and going upwards. Its never grew more than about 6 inches long over the next few years so i just left it alone.
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    Attaching PTO shaft.

    Pro tip: spit on it and push harder ;)
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    Bucket brush - any good ?

    They are brilliant, just buy one.
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    TX36 problem

    Sorted, changed oil and pressure filter.
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    TX36 problem

    TX36 combine hydraulics are slow and noisy. Oil level is ok, filter is new. Does it have a suction filter in the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank as it just sound and feels as if there is not enough oil in the system. Hydro drive system is fine.
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    claas shaft speed sensors.

    Google Hollin applications from Co Durham. Or S/H ones from John Manners combine breakers.
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    Merlo 32.6 ram seals.

    Worst bit is holding the ram and trying to unscrew the end cap without damaging it. Once the end cap is off the rest is fairly straight forward. Take photos of how the seals are fitted before you take them off.
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    What make are these spool valve couplings ?

    Thought i'd bump this up as still searching for these.
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    Manitou MT 727 1994

    Steering doesn't use the same oil as the drive. Check oil level in transmission first, if thats ok then the torque convertor charge pump may be on the way out ? I had one of these with 13000 hrs on it and never had a drive problem.