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    What one thing could the Government do to help UK farming?

    The 1 thing I would like the gov to do is basically change their attitude, not only in ag but other engineering/ manufacturing industries too! Go back to actually making producing things rather than being a service industry.
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    Solar panel cleaning

    Try looking at some of the Unger kit Also some pics of some the kit I use.
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    family succession and planning for the future? just wondering how many of you find this a positive experience and have any tips and advice for others?

    I do wonder what goes through the mind of an older relative, Very recently have been given notice to leave my place in September. If I can’t find nowhere it means I’ve got to sell everything I have worked for. (I started from scratch) Get rid of my dogs as finding a rental to accept them is...
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    Thanks Primmiemoo TBH not fairing to well, but wanted to post just to say thankyou for the kind PM messages and several visits and help from some of the TFF collective.
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    With the goings on in the world at the moment seems to make my problems look immaterial. The last 4-5 months I have obtained the black dog, Weather, difficult family, job I don’t like etc, no new story to the most of us. For the last month I have been doing my daily routines and going back to...
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    The penny is finally starting to drop

    More like a can of tinned pears and nobody with a tin opener🙁
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    Strange theft

    Have a drive and check any houses (if any) between location of scabby sheep and equipment theft and see if they have any cctv, seems to much of a coincidence.
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    Will Putin invade ?

    I wish them well and they find security and safety. Difficult to imagine being put in their shoes.
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    Storm Eunice

    Been too a farm sale today, didn’t put off buyers and everything still made good money.
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    Rappa - Too much play?

    Every colour of the rainbow🤣
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    Rappa - Too much play?

    Sounds like the small white gearbox is wearing out, inside it is a worm gear and a cog both made of nylon.
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    Grounds Maintenance in a solar park

    Just started doing a few sites myself. Could anyone enlighten me on any templates for Risk assement and method statements.
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    Solar farm

    Be a pain for cleaning too!
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    Solar farm

    It’s worse than that, usually they are not just a private business but a hoard of investors from abroad benefiting from somebody’s loss
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    Looking For Work Part time work

    In the Somerset area Looking for employment ideally 2-3 days a week (can be flexible as I have sheep of my own. 47 years old, Full licence with trailer, Tickets for Telehandler, Tractor, chainsaw,Brushcutter PA Spraying (no nroso) can lay a block and weld.