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    Slurry tanker broken axle

    ADR axles on this one
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    Slurry tanker broken axle

    I thought i had specced a heavy duty axle when it was ordered, obviously not heavy duty enough.
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    Slurry tanker broken axle

    had this happen to ours today, fortunately tanker was empty not going very fast down a lane, I dread to think what would have happened if he was loaded going along the main road. Tanker is five years old, well used, but well maintained, whilst I do not expect any help I will be informing Hi...
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    PPA renewal

    Yes its probably what they've done, but I was really struggling with quarterly FIT payments, and this has eased my situation considerably, so I am happy.
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    PPA renewal

    By constantly moaning, complaining and hassling them, I took a little hit on the PPA, but it was more than worth it for me.
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    PPA renewal

    I have been offered 5.5p on the government export price through Opus, but there are no embedded benefits on this, and quarterly payment, my existing PPA doesn't end until August so i will sit tight for a while. Quarterly payments is a real problem for me, last year I finally got my FIT on...
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    Tractors, over the years that's been on the farm.

    Starting on 1987; MF 165 + loader Ford 5000 + Loader Ford 5610, all 2wd Top two went and then 5610 was swapped for Ford 7810, first four wheel drive, and only tractor that I wished we kept. As farm grew added a Ford 7840, gutless needed a turbo. 7810 was swapped for a TS115 (still here...
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    This is exactly why i am taking it, i have a large amount of planned expenditure with mid tier this year, as the virus has rolled on i have been increasingly concerned aboout getting my money from the rpa in a timely manner, by taking the loan I derisk this somewhat and still put a large amount...
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    Slurry / digestate separator?

    Was going to ask a similar question currently using a FAN seperator on an AD plant, but running costs very expensive, and doesn't like to work at anything below 10% DM so looking to change it before the winter.
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    Lime Quarries

    Try Ivor Duggan at Glasbury, a bit closer than Buxton 01497 847437
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    3.15p/kg at Kepak Methyr today. Thought they were on a go slow, but speaking to the guys in the lairage they are still pushing through 450 per day so there must be some demand somewhere.
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    Resorted to the “Nettles” Drag harra

    No only 3m
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    Resorted to the “Nettles” Drag harra

    10 Points please, dragged the top tilth out to try and get some life into some very hard over wintered ploughing
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    Bale/muck grab time.

    Have you tried Carpenter Goodwin at Leominster, normally pretty helpful
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    AD plant alternative feedstock?

    Glycerol is, depending on where you are its about £170 per tonne. Buy yourself an ex shipping tank and away you go.

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