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    Rear Tractor weight for trailer work

    we bought one, think it was a french make ALTHIMASSE. 933 couldnt put the power down so bought this and it makes a difference.
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    Case/New Holland Tractors?

    We run a 18 plate t7270 and had the new model 240 puma on hire for 8wks. Puma was a nicer tractor and the cab is now better that the nh. Had a 21 pate t7270 nh when mine needed a new loom.... and the puma was still better.
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    New hilux-any problems?

    Done 8000 miles with mine and no issues so far, running mine on mt tyres and alot of short journeys and off road so around 25mpg. On long runs around 32-35mpg. Goes well and pulls well with a trailer on. Really happy with it so far a big step up ftom my 17 plate one. First auto i have had and...
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    Is Vaderstad worth the extra money?

    Used to run vaderstad rollers and they were good have the best bearings esp in stoney ground. Went cousins and forever cracking rings so moved onto dalbo and they have been good but still smash an odd ring and sometimes a bearing goes but better than the cousins. But the cousins was from 10 yrs...
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    Toyota hilux

    Never asked just went through the insurance.
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    Toyota hilux

    Right hand side on edge of windscreen in line with the wing mirror. Previous 2017 one had a cracked windscreen as well..
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    Toyota hilux

    just had my 21 plate invincible windscreen go.
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    Ideal combine

    Near neighbours have one on a hire deal and are vastly cheaper than NH. They say its gone really well this year.
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    Standard format vaderstad carrier

    agri linc are better for parts than some vaderstad dealers!
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    Is that it too early to plant Extase?

    Sowed ours direct into linseed stubble on the 22nd of sept and did well.
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    New Hilux invincible x autos for September beat the waiting list

    2 PARA are using them in Afgan to rescue people.
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    Do growers still build new grain silos

    Put an 800 tonne one up last year and its linked into the drier next door. We are limited in yard space so it made the most sense.
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    Drone over our property

    Need a drone signal jammer, if they are legal....
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    Winter Barley yields 2021

    The standard of most countries, except England and Wales, is 90% retained over a 2.5mm screen. Scottish growers trade malting barley on the 2.5mm standard, however, the standard is different for barley purchased in England, where maltsters normally accept 94% retained over a 2.25mm screen. UK...
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    Winter Barley yields 2021

    2 fields of craft cut, one was plough carrier then tine drill 3.5t/acre and one was straight into stubble with the sumo dts 3.75t/acre . All over the weighbridge. N 1.49 but retention round 70. buschial around 66.