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    You might also find he has an amazing imagination and the memory is because he remembers the story, not quite the same as remembering a list of things. The only thing I have realized is how important hard exercise is in helping as well, it's something about clearing the mind and working off...
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    Thank you for sharing your stories - very reflective of my own. Has anyone made good use of the 'dyslexic bit' to excel at one thing - I haven't worked out how to use the creative element properly which bugs me.
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    Just interested to hear people's experiences with dyslexia. I think I have been lucky I have an amazing imagination and can work through problems pretty quickly, you have to learn to be resilient as well (dyslexics are grafters/survivors). The downsides are well known so let's gloss over them.
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    Clarkson's Cows.

    if he wants a silage clamp!
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    Income Streams

    Rent out the yard as a venue 1 night a week for a couple of posh food vans - provide picnic tables, bins, and electricity.
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    Alternatives to farm plastics

    Silage clamps use alot less a lot less plastic than bales and you can reduce the waste you just need to design them better ;-)
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    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    What would you do with the money? (serious Q)
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    New land owner indeed of advice and guidance

    A shame this thread has been derailed about the price of mowing etc- I think the general gist is that you need to find some local advice and that a land agent would be the first stop.
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    Chicken shortage

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    Chicken shortage

    Depends if you mean cash-rich, asset rich, or in the global top 5% for income... What is the difference? I heard a great line that being rich is the difference between being able to spend £500,000 on life-saving surgery for your child or watching your child die. Whether it's cash or assets...
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    Chicken shortage

    Is this one of those things where farmers talk about the 'rich' without acknowledging that they are the 'rich' ?
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    The great global warming scam, worth a listen I think.

    What is the loss if 200 years time we find out global warming isn't in fact caused by humans but we have assumed it is and found more efficient ways to live with our resources?
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    I do recommend this as one to read or listen to. It's pretty quick and easy to read and I have found it helpful.
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    Youngsters need counseling??what next?

    Is this a thread where a generation who hasn't lived through a world war tells another generation that it wasn't that bad.
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    Conrete floor silage pit joint sealing

    There's some info here -