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    Sustainable Farming Incentive is open for applications

    We are here too. It is terminating the green covers 6 weeks before drilling or by the end of feb is my problem. 6 weeks is just not long enough on heavy land at that time of year.
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    Second wheat questions

    I have done exactly the same, with exactly the same result. Hopefully I will learn my lesson this time.....
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    Best sprayer tractor

    The sprayer is currently doing the shows on the Horsch stand. Will be here in August hopefully
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    Best sprayer tractor

    Just bought a Valtra 235 to pull a trailed sprayer. It and the Deere had the best ground clearance. Coupled with the vario and isobus it should be a good match. If not I will need to think again!! JCB was great on the road but just too expensive and have heard horror stories regarding reliability.
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    Disc and bracket assembly

    I do have 12 of the below for sale. The discs can be run either way, the current way provides more tilth, running them backwards provides more of a cut slit effect. They fix onto 80x80 box. Thanks
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    Disc and bracket assembly

    Beever sales near Retford I have imported stuff from the states from Yetter before. I imagine transport will kill it as an idea
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    T3 Earwash

    We are going today based on similar thoughts of a wet Sunday. Ideally it would wait a few days
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    Spring Barley Establishment by Vaderstad Seed Hawk

    I have been running a couple of these this year. They don’t plug the seed tube like the metcalfes, but they are wider and a lot longer in the shank. Spoke to btt about this who thought I may have been sent the north American version which is designed to hunt for moisture. I also have tried...
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    Spring Barley Establishment by Vaderstad Seed Hawk

    @TWF what openers are you using on the seed hawk? I run one with Metcalfes and am looking at the difference options. I wasn’t a fan of the originals with the stainless sleeve clamping the rubber tube to the leg. I believe seed hawk now do an all steel leg and tube but have not seen it in the...
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    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I have a tine drill and rake after drilling in the spring. I find it helps massively in terms of preventing the slot opening. An extra pass but vital on heavier ground.
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    Front Linkage For John Deere 8430

    Front linkage required for a 2009 John Deere 8430 with ILS. Thanks
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    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    I am/was…. Not decided on groundswell yet, haven’t checked the dates. Will let you know
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    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    @Samcowman I have one for sale. It has a high flow valve and was the used with a mob of 140 cattle last summer. Just attach a quad to the front, or pull by hand if you are feeling fit.
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    Cover crops on heavy land

    BB, Which drill if you don’t mind me asking? I keep trying disc drills with very limited success on strong land. Currently using a tine drill which is a little crude but does a job
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    Trailed sprayer tractor size

    Just been through this. We are flat and felt 175hp would be adequate, but went for 230hp as it would act as a back up to my ageing drilling tractor. I prefer the longer wheelbase of the larger tractor for transport.