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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    Free trade should be a world standard, bloody rediculous to have anything else. Europe need to get out of their protectionist righteousness and start to behave like they actually have Morals.
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    What about English 🤣 the one thing I like about the Welsh and the Scott's is they are very balanced.....they have a chip on both shoulders😝
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    Redekop weed smasher thingy

    Not to sure, usually see quite a few black grass seeds in combine trials
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    Redekop weed smasher thingy

    Does anyone have one or use one, seem like a really good idea and another tool in the box regards weed control.
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    Situation Vacant Combine operator for harvest

    Hi looking for a person who would be interested In Driving a lexion 770 tt for harvest starting end of July and finishing end of August, osr, peas, beans and wheat. 2000 acres total, small family farm just myself and my 14 year old son. Very flexible and on wet days or non harvesting days no...
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    I never realised it was anxiety until a light bulb moment about 5 years ago and I thought ahh that's what it is this hard to describe feeling. Have to say I have also started having a cpap machine and this has done way more for me than pills, I didn't realise how bad my sleep apnoea was. So...
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    I just drilled a hole in the bottum yo let the sap out,.
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    After breaking about 10 I got this off amazon
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    Brix Results

    Has anyone noticed a correlation to low brix after thee application of revystar.
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    Blackgrass chemical attack

    Firstly dont drill to late and have patchy emergence as this will be worst case, I like to drill last week September 1st week October, followed by avadex and liberator. Then maybe a quirinus in November if neccacary.
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    Claydon Terra blade

    Has any one hot one and if so how are you finding the results? I really like the idea, but just not sure it will do enough.
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    Yes agree about the smaller flag leaves
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    State of your crops?

    @nxy when does barley harvest usually start for you?
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    Sell your UK farm and buy an Aus one if you think its not fair. And then you can seel into the UK market happily
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    A free trade agreement will help the cause for nonsense like red tractor to be scrapped. I don't think I have excessively moaned about Rt, obviously it's a ball ache, but not the end of the world