She moaned into my hand with each bounce of her body, and each shake of the car. The vehicle shook so violently that neither of us even needed to move and yet my cock was still hammering in and out of my sisters tight pussy, our hips grinding into each other with each bounce.

Thank goodness my dad had turned on the radio, otherwise he and my mom would have easily heard my sisters pussy squelching against my body.

Alex’s legs were shaking uncontrollably, and I could feel her wet, puffy lips start to tighten around my cock. She leaned close to my ear again, while still grinding her body into mine, and while trying to control her voice, which was shaking with pleasure, she whispered, “somethings going to happen.”

She leaned back, and I slowly nodded again in approval, not knowing what to prepare for. At this point, her pussy was completely clenched around my dick. I could feel my balls start to tighten. Her moans were close to sending me over the edge, but I was trying to hold onto my orgasm for as long as I could, wanting to give my sister the release she needed.

Alex grabbed both of my hands and put them over her mouth, clasping hers over mine, trying to conceal the screams of pleasure escaping from her lips.

Her legs began to shake. She slammed my dick into the back of her pussy with amazing force, and then, her pussy erupted. Warm juices gushed from her lips and splashed between us. Alex screamed into my hands, her orgasm taking complete control of her body.

The sensation of Alex’s squirting pussy sent me over the edge, and I felt myself explode hot ropes of cum, deep into my sisters pussy. Spurt after spurt shot out, as Alex’s continued to gush onto my dick.

Our bodies trembled together, as we let our orgasms roll through us.

Finally, Alex collapsed into my arms, and I held her tight. We stayed like that for several minutes, my cock still deep inside of her, as we came down from the bliss of our orgasm.

Alex slowly lifted her body off of mine, as our juices continued to drip out. She let my cock slip out of her, and sat back down into my lap. Leaning into me, she kissed my lips, gently, and whispered, “I love you, Matthew.”

“I love you too”, I whispered back. And as if on cue, we felt the car stop to shake, as we exited the construction zone, and glided smoothly back towards home for what was sure to be an eventful summer.

Hope you enjoyed the story! It's my first one, so tell me what you thought.

I think there could be plenty more adventures with Matthew and Alex...
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