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    Adding strength to a block wall

    Did a couple like that a few years ago but used 12" blocks for the walls. Haven't had any issues with them. Only 6ft deep but can't see 7ft being a problem.
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    Milk Price Tracker

    But doesn't need a relief milker every other weekend or decide to take a lie in on Christmas morning with a fat head:ROFLMAO:
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    Today NOT at work

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    Today NOT at work

    Mrs yin ewe and our eldest went canoeing on the lake yesterday, while I 'managed' the younger 2!🤣
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    Today NOT at work

    Home for a few days.
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    Shut the effin pubs

    A couple of weeks ago I heard a BBC radio news bulletin report the fact that the total weekly deaths were lower than the 5 year average, the story was dropped by the next report an hour later, obviously didn't fit in with their agenda or media hype surrounding this whole thing.
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    UK contribution for EU CV19 fund if we were still in the club .

    They did........................................but were told how to vote😀
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    I hope all the wise men who were looking for rain 2 months ago are happy now!! Firmly in the glar stage here. Going to dry off a wheen early so less feets in and out the slaps.
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    And Then Ireland Stood Up To The EU Bully’s

    18 odd bn of ROI exports went to the UK last year, yet ashy seems to want its economy to fail:unsure::scratchhead:
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    Today NOT at work

    That's the one, can remember he was very fussy about milking routine/ cubicle bedding etc. Robots in now I think?
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    Silage 2020 No fancy kit here but getting the job done.
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    All things Dairy

    Plenty of variety here if you count docks?.
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    And Then Ireland Stood Up To The EU Bully’s

    I think Apple was supposed to pay Ireland 13bn, if that's the case Ireland have done really well in appealing the case:banghead:. Apologies if I've got it wrong @Ashtree will be able to fill in the details.
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    Today at work

    It's probably the only thing on the list to be fair ?

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