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    Best TV intros from our youth.

    ‘The Champions ‘ had a great theme tune I always thought .
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    Escaped cow put down after walkers leave gate open

    We have a footpath which runs through the middle of the farm , any gates on it are locked with a combination lock , it’s really not that difficult .
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    Yesterday evening .
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    Has he been abducted?

    Last seen heading towards Lands End .
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    Word Association

    Eyes [emoji849]
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    What the hell is going on?

    If I heard the news correctly this evening since the beginning of 2019 only 3% (155) of illegal immigrants entering the UK have been sent back , this is unsustainable .
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    Word Association

    Nothing .
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    Word Association

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    Anything is possible

    A friend of mine had a Jack Russell x Labrador, he was jet black & not very tall . Not sure which was the father, JR or Lab .
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    Another whats it worth

    As far North as £10,000 though ? [emoji51]
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    Another whats it worth

    An acquaintance has been offered an MF 350 which is thought to date from around 1995 but no idea of hours worked , it’s on a smallholding so possibly not high . Any guidance on a price range please ? I’ll post what they’re asking when I’ve read any suggestions . [emoji849]
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    Things your Other Half says ...

    My other half throws my clothes out of the window if I don’t keep them tidy . I’m forever finding odd socks in the border of the garden .
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    Word Association

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    Your current weather.

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    Word Association


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