NTS Safety Documents

Non-Technical Skills (NTS) are the social (teamwork, communication, leadership) and cognitive (situation awareness, decision-making, task management) skills that, in conjunction with technical and procedural knowledge can help farmers to work safely and effectively.

The aim of these leaflets is to provide information about non-technical skills and risk management in farming. Each leaflet includes a brief research background, explains why the particular skill is important and provides some tips on implementing skills in practice. All leaflets are FREE to view and download.

Pocket Guide to Farmer Safety Critical Skills

NTSAg is pleased to launch a new A6 pocket guide to farmer safety critical non-technical skills. The guide condenses our farming safety research from the past 5 years into an easy to read format that encourages farmers to make notes as they go through. The idea is that the guide will provide a useful format for sharing information on these safety critical skills, provide guidance on how to implement the skills and enable each farmer to edit the guide to produce something that is specific to them and their farm. Click on the link below to download the pdf version of the guide, or contact Dr Amy Irwin ([email protected]c.uk) to receive a FREE printed copy.

Download the Pocket Guide to Farmer Safety Critical Skills here

Non-Technical Skills overview

This leaflet defines NTS in farming and provides an overview of why these skills are so important.

Download the Non-Technical Skills Leaflet here


What is leadership in the context of farming? What can farm managers do to enhance the safety of their workers?

Download the Leadership Leaflet here

Decision Making

Farmers and firefighters both need to make quick decisions in dynamic environments, this leaflet compares the roles and explains the importance of decision-making in farming.

Download the Decision Making Leaflet here

Teamwork and communication

Co-ordinating and sharing information are vital skills to maintain safety on the farm, click here to read more.

Download the Teamwork and Communication Leaflet here

Situation Awareness

Ever wondered what pilots and farmers have in common? Click here to read about situation awareness in farming and in flight.

Download the Situation Awareness Leaflet here

Task Management

Learn more about how task management (planning, preparation, maintaining quality, time management) can help enhance farming safety.

Download the Task Management Leaflet here