1. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Farmer utilises crimped grain to overcome unpredictable weather

    As seen in Farmers Guardian 30th July 2021 With an increasing trend towards more extreme weather in the latter months of the summer, moving to crimped grain should be considered to take control of harvesting challenges and maximise the feed value of the crop. Luke Carling of Partridge Farms...
  2. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Consider crimped grains to reduce energy shortfall

    Following a challenging grass silage making season, dairy and beef farmers are being urged to consider crimping any cereal crops to help plug the energy gaps. Bryan Buckley, regional business manager for Ireland at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explains that because of the late silage season...
  3. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Careful management needed to overcome challenging silage season

    With unfavourable silage making conditions causing problems across the UK and Ireland, experts are stressing the importance of careful management and planning to overcome any potential issues at feed-out. Anwen Jones, regional business manager for Wales at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explains...
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    Dairy farmers warned of heat stress impact on dry matter intakes

    With temperatures now regularly reaching 200C and beyond, dairy farmers are being warned that cows are extremely susceptible to heat stress which can result in depressed dry matter intakes (DMI) and reduced milk yields. The caution comes as heat stress is becoming a greater issue in the UK...
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    Get the most from wholecrop silage

    Northern England and Northern Ireland Feed out and flexibility Wholecrop silage is proving to be an option well worth considering for dairy, beef and youngstock diets. With a shift in weather patterns leading to unpredictability, maize growing is becoming more difficult. Wholecrop cereals...