mobile phones

  1. FarmKeep

    Easy to use and modern mobile app to manage workflows on the farm

    We were trying to find good mobile apps to help us manage our farm and homestead workflows but couldn't find any that felt great to use. Have you experienced this as well? Well, we decided to make our own app and wanted to share it with everyone here. Easily track inventory - animals, crops...
  2. The Business Barn

    Annual broadband and mobile survey live...

    The NFU is encouraging the agricultural and rural sectors to take part in their annual broadband and mobile survey to help build a true picture of connectivity in the countryside. The NFU continues to engage with the government about the need for fast, affordable and reliable broadband and...
  3. 5

    Experimental Weather App for Farmers

    Hello! We are a group of computer science students tasked with designing a phone/tablet app to predict the weather. As part of this project we had to specify a target audience for which the app will be designed according to their needs. We have chosen the group of farmers to build the app for...
  4. JJP

    Durable / Farm Friendly Mobile Phone Recommendations

    So my dad seems to be going through cheap flip phones at quite a rate. Think he must be crushing them in his pocket as he's now on to his 3rd or 4th this year. Can any of you recommend some good models of mobile phones?