spring seeds

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    Farm Specific Nutrient Planning

    Inclusion of spring cereal crops in a rotation can be economically beneficial, providing either cash crops or valuable home-grown starch and energy feed sources. However, to see a good return on investment, it's important to achieve maximum potential yields and this requires attention to detail...
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    Spring Seed Agronomy Advice

    Seed Rates A key consideration to increase spring cereal yields is choosing varieties with a greater tillering ability that can help improve final headcounts. Modern varieties such as RGT Planet, LG Diablo and Laureate on spring barley and the new spring wheat variety KWS Cochise are shown to do...
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    Wynnstay Spring Seeds 2021 Brochure

    Request a digital copy of #SpringSeeds2021 straight to your inbox ✉️ Click here to get your copy. The brochure features information and advice on the latest cereal seed varieties, as well as informative articles on key topic areas for the coming season.
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    Introducing Spring Seeds 2021

    What can we expect in 2021? After the challenge of harvest 2020, we go into 2021 hoping for an improved year not only in agriculture but that Covid-19 will slowly dissipate with the distribution of a vaccine. From a purely agricultural point of view, there is already more optimism that the...