workshop projects

  1. F

    DIY a frost protection wind machine

    Good afternoon everybody, I'm looking into starting a project. I want to build a wind machine to protect my orchard fields from frost damage. Those that are currently buyable are a lot-lot overpriced in my opinion. I'm looking into building a small fixed electronic first, to make all the...
  2. TomP

    Relocating an arable farmyard - things to include and things to avoid!

    We are relocating our arable farmyard. I'm working with the designers to get the right design and currently working on a list of things that we want to include. The list is below. Anything anyone feels like commenting on/adding would be really welcome: Combine & header covered area - sheltered...
  3. Spanner59

    Choosing the right guage of wire.

    Hi, I'm wanting to put reversing lights on the back of the slurry tanker by just plugging them into the 3 pin socket. Just wondering what guage of wire I will need (obviously depending on lights and fuses etc) so I'm wondering if someone has a diagram to work out the correct guage, Cheers.