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    WANTED - Biomass Boilers -

    Looking for Biomass Boilers. The bigger the better. All fuel types. Please send an E mail to [email protected]
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    Best electric solution

    I looked into battery storage using the Octopus Go tariff for my house, I had a price in of £4500 inc vat for a kit giving me 8.2kw worth of battery storage. Man math's - 8kw, probably more like 7kw of usable power @ 25p kw - £1.75 worth of electric for , 5p kw, £0.35p - a saving of £1.40 daily...
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    Roof mounted wind turbines?

    Any links to these turbines?
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    On Farm Domestic Battery Storage

    Hopefully, it’s battery price that’s holding me back. I’m sure there will be batteries at the right price soon. Been spending too much time on YouTube!
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    On Farm Domestic Battery Storage

    It’s the battery cost that’s holding me back at the moment, £700 per KW for a build up battery kit. I’m now looking at individual batteries and build my own battery pack, maybe start small and add when the savings come in? It’s all possible, but needs to be at the right price.
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    On Farm Domestic Battery Storage

    I should get just over 2kw an hour, so over my 4 hours cheap rate be able to store 8kw. Well that’s my thinking anyway. I have really no idea , just at planning and info gathering stage. I know I could get one all in for £4000. My man maths says a daily saving of £1.60, 8kw at 20p less than...
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    On Farm Domestic Battery Storage

    I’m sure it’s not far off regarding the batteries. I am planning a small scale storage set up for the house. Plan is to store power when it’s at a low tariff over night, 5p per kw and use it throughout the day. The kit is available as a complete package, but not that cost effective, maybe if...
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    Producing a renewable energy source on the farm site - mobile pelletising technology

    Burning any type of straw in a non straw burning boiler will rot it out in very short order. Straw is very corrosive.
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    Anyone got a Glenfarrow biomass boiler?

    You may run into problems burning waste wood with the EA irrespective of on the RHI or not.
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    Charging for biomass heat

    A warm tenant is a happy tenant. You will be benefitting from a few extra pennies from the RHI I expect. So charge him cost of fuel. Say 1500kw of heat per 500kg bale at £30 a bale - £0.02 pence per kw
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    Biomass pipe insulation

    External exposed pipe needs to be at least 50mm insulated. Take photos of the lagging before you box it in. Use a ruler to show the thickness.
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    Biomass boiler wanted with tariffs

    5000T of chip, thats 17million Kw of heat. What are you planning on using the heat for. Happy to take a call. Andrew Manco Energy. 07507 562954
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    Biomass boiler wanted with tariffs

    When you say large, what capacity heat? And Power are you looking at?
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    Do you need bales to be below a specific moisture?

    You won’t get deep into the bale , leaving pockets of high moisture levels , leading to a rejected load. We are also straw traders and have looked at all options, this was the only bit of kit that gave the results needed. Taking out 20% from a bale would take around 20mins, so over a continuous...