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    Billie Box is showing at Cereals Event 2022

    In 2022 Billie Box are investing further in meeting the needs of the agricultural community. As a result, Billie Box are proud to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Cereals 2022 arable farming event at Chrishall Grange, Duxford, SG8 7NT on 8th & 9th June. Stand no. 110. The annual...
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    shipping container self storage

    You will more thank likely have to pay business rates and apply for planning permission if you are going to put a number of containers on your land for self storage.
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    self storage shipping containers

    If you are positioning shipping containers on your land, you will need to look at planning permission and could possibly get charged business rates. We have a page on our website that tells you what to think about when setting up a 'self storage' business. We are happy to chat about it if that...
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    Pesticide storage

    Thank you for the heads up Badshot
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    Pesticide storage

    I heard from someone today, that said they had to order a large amount of pesticide and store it for a year. Is that what you are doing? Don't you order it on as and when required or are you stockpiling?
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    How to keep your agricultural chemical storage in line with 2019 health and safety laws

    Here is a post we thought you might be interested in.
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    Anyone in Suffolk or Norfolk, UK looking for a grant

    I recommend you have a chat with them. We do supply chemical stores to many different industries, where perhaps they are not a legal requirement.
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    Anyone in Suffolk or Norfolk, UK looking for a grant

    I don't think chemical stores are allowed, as they are a legal requirement. So none. I was really recommending standard shipping containers for storage. Perhaps if you wanted to diversify and offer self-storage. You have to prove that you are expanding your business. By all means call the...
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    Point taken, I guess we are talking about someone in the age range of 20-60, mostly male farmers if that helps.
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    Just wanting to keep our options open, that's all LOL
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    Anyone in Suffolk or Norfolk, UK looking for a grant

    Did you know there are grants available with the NewAngliaGrowthHub in the Suffolk & Norfolk, UK areas. The grants are for equipment required for expanding your business e.g. Shipping containers to build a Self Store business. Here is a link for more information...
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    Empty 10,500sqft barn...self storage?

    Hi @cgfw201 We have written a leaflet that helps Farmers decide whether they want to diversify into Self-storage using shipping containers. Here is a link: Hope it helps you.
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    HSE inspections

    If you are storing chemical, then you might want to make sure your chemical store is up to spec. Here is a link to the HSE criteria: Good luck with your inspection.
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    Are there any other ideas you have please?
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    Wouldn't we all :)