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    Opinion Harvester Survey - Red Tractor

    I've found mine in the trash I think it's badly worded "How fair or unfair do you find each of these statements about Red Tractor?" "Some are farmers are required to be members" Fair or unfair ? It's unfair that we have to be members to gain market access But it is fair to say that farmers...
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    Red tractor

    I wouldn't say that is entirely true. We use both AN and urea and I think urea is kinder to the environment. In Australia they use urea not ammonium nitrate, the same in France Germany etc, warmer climates than ours. CF wanted to get farmers to use their more expensive AN so presented their...
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    10,000 cattle dead in Kansas

    I’m just waiting for a bod from Red Tractor to come along and say “Of course this wouldn’t happen on a Red Tractor Farm” 🙄 and so the consumer will pay a premium for Red Tractor beef (pigs might fly)
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    kansas cattle/beast from east

    Wasn’t this more of a comparison to the Beast from the East
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    A local builder stores his materials in my yard. Should we have planning permission ? It’s not visible from the road or any footpaths Thanks
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    Sumo DTS drill. Opinions please

    Was your experience with an older DTS or a newer DTS3
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    10,000 cattle dead in Kansas

    I'll give you an idea, TB is a disease that mainly affects the respiratory system. Badgers live in a hole in the ground with poor ventilation, cattle live outdoors or in sheds with good ventilation. Infected badgers pee/dribble on grass which cows then eat. Cattle get tested & killed if showing...
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    Was it rye or triticale ?
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    Water heater

    We save the mornings hot wash and put it through warm at night. Our 10 20 jar parlour is soon to be replaced by a direct to line 20 20 I've been told it won't be hot enough at night for milk meters to work, anyone else save morning wash for night with meters ?
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    Build cost

    Ouch ! over £10/sq foot now then. fortunately we built a lot of sheds from 2012-2021 and I’d say the cost has more than doubled
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    Build cost

    What would a steel portal frame building- say 100’ x 50’ cost today ? Erected, gable ends clad and gutters fitted Concrete floor extra. Thanks
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    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Yes after the fibre glassing on the pit wall is complete
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    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Work progressing nicely on our new to us parlour
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    Pasteurising milk for sale

    I'm sure badgers aren't a problem in the good old US of A though 😉
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    Combinables Price Tracker