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    Hot Tub

    On farm tour we were in Jackson Hole, snow on the ground, but about 15 of us in the hot tub with drinks on tap, what a hoot that was! Mad as a box of frogs the lot of them
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    Xero - tips and tricks

    We are on accrual accounting and by timing the vat return filing date I use it as a cash flow tool, if a claim get it in on 1st of the month, if there’s some to pay I file it just before final payment day, 37 days free credit
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    New toy day

    New combine to go with it?
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    Is VAT chargeable on agricultural land thats rented out

    No VAT payable on any rents, they are Exempt (not zero rated) EDIT - Unless as above the landlord has elected to tax (eg would do this if any possibility of development in the future etc so that the VAT could be claimed on the expenses involved))
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    Yorkshire Couple Farm Split?

    Even she couldn’t catch everything, and was supposed to be a full time mod.
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    Yorkshire Couple Farm Split?

    As a mod it’s very difficult to be aware of everything that’s posted, the sheer quantity of posts every day makes it impossible, so if you haven’t been made aware via the ‘Reports’ system it’s easy to miss stuff, also the light touch we try to use mainly lets folks say what they like. Ideally...
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    Compulsory Purchase of land for Housing.

    My family has four times lost property to compulsory purchase, it’s never been a multiple of any value, you get the lowest possible valuation determined by the district valuer, and you need a agent with guts even to fight for that.
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    Compulsory Purchase of land for Housing.

    Compulsory purchase is legalised theft whoever the landowner is. A true socialist policy.
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    Capital gains tax rates

    No the (almost) immediate payment only applies to residential property changed in April 2020
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    Filling in between sheds.

    We have several runs of valley gutters on 100ft spans, no matter what the steel men did we always had drips, in the end they lined then with pvc liners, job done. when the manager spoke to the manufacturers about them, they said ‘they aren’t made to be leakproof’ !!
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    Pictures From France

    So do you farm in France as well, or just visit? nosey I know but you seem to have a foot in both camps judging from your posts.
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    Pictures From France

    Whereabouts in France are you @bobk, why do you still put Stafford as your avatar location?
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    State of your crops -2022

    Crops looking superb as usual @silverfox !
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    Today at work

    Blimey that hopper must have slowed you down! Wind resistance would have been less with it the other way round?
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    SFI Pilot payments

    Ours started 1st Jan, first payment arrived April on time inc 1/4 of the £5K