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    BKT or Alliance tyres

    Hi, any feed back on either of these tyre brands being better than the other please? Within £20 of each other. 16.9 R34’s on a fairly low use stock tractor - hence the ‘budget’ choice.
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    Help please to choose 2wd tractor to move caravans don’t know anything about it, just think it looks good! Would do the job easy I think
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    2wd Tractors In stock at Dobsons - modern day 390?
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    Looks like it’s a good job I’ve finished work for Xmas! Cheers for the info
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    Yep it’ll get everything if split, was just hoping for a potential quick fix! Thanks for confirming
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    Can you see them through the inspection plate do you know?
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    No the pedal has no ‘feel’ or ‘bite point’ just up & down - feels disconnected but isn’t at least not externally. interesting about oil contam - noticed the engine was very low, so changed + new filter about a week ago - could this be the source? There’s no visible oil leak in the floor. So was...
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    Got an MF250 that suddenly won’t change gear. Suddenly for no apparent reason clutch has basically stopped working. To get a gear I started it in gear & crashed the high/low lever in to gear, if you depress the clutch nothing happens, it keeps driving. All external linkages appear ok & working...
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    Polytunnel for sheep

    I had the ‘high strength’ plastic mesh & it was crap. Replaced with sheep netting. Gutter is key to keeping dry but mine is very sheltered. I’d be wary of anything horizontal that they could climb up, & stick there heads thru the plastic but I’ve horned sheep so that may make it worse! I’d...
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    Same Silver 100.4 hydraulic pump

    You’ll need to take the tank straps off, then you can move it out the way, you don’t have to completely remove it. It’s high up near the mud guard at the back of the tank. It’s quite covered up in pipes etc which makes it awkward to get at. You need to remove the top pipe - 3 Allen keys bolts...
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    Same Silver 100.4 hydraulic pump

    Not dreaming, your right - steering rearward, hydraulics forward👍🏽
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    We have an old Stihl 026 really good saw, also a 181 for hedging & little jobs. Wanted a new bigger saw & was put off by a mates stihl experience so went husky. Whilst it starts better than a Stihl & has loads of power it runs really badly & cuts out over & over. Dealer seems unable to fix -...
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    Landini Alpine 85, Duetz or equivalent for steep land work I had a look at this the other day - cracking little machine. Loads of spec just in a smaller /lower frame. Tunstalls have a few XA’s in that would fit the job & budget. Good to deal with & nice tractors - def worth a phone...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    baling team yesterday. 250 is def a classic, hurlimann maybe A future one?!
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    Where are all the little loader tractors? Here you go - cracking little tractor??