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Feb 15, 2013
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Derrick Hughes Mar 3, 2018

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Jul 15, 2019 at 11:45 PM
    1. Hfd Cattle
      Hfd Cattle
      Did you buy at nicks sale
    2. Mikefox200
      Hi there I’m looking at putting in winter cover crops on arable land. Will be enough for 1000 head of ewe lambs easily good light land kind for sheep. Good shepherding with years of experience between the staff, straw available if needed. And turnips will be well established. Just wondering what sort of money we should be looking to charge.
    3. Forage Trader
      Forage Trader
      Derrick Hughes
    4. big dog rex
      big dog rex
      I think this is how to PM. I haven’t been on here long.
      Richard Baker
      Hurst Farm
      ME13 0BX
    5. Forage Trader
    6. CDS01
      Hi @Forage Trader Thanks for the advice. I haven't got the hang of this for thing yet. I will try to find another spot to post!
    7. gerr
      Hi, I have 40 acres near New Quay that I plan to make hay on this summer. It is old pasture at the moment. It is for selling. What size bales would you say are the most saleable. As we get around a re seeding plan what grass varieties would you recommend for saleable hay. Maybe we can do business together nearer the time. Thanks.
    8. bumkin
      perhaps we should all get out of the way of the big boys, i used to rent a farm with an average field size of less than five acres i wonder how theY would cope with that not to mention the narrow roads we have
    9. texelburger
      Hi Derrick,
      Have you any idea what price OSR straw is worth ? Ihave about 250 quadrants which is bright,dry stuff and a mate nearby has 500 120 ×90 bales which he said was about 11%. Is there any export this season ?
      Cheers Charlie
    10. Imtoch
      he International 554 Small squire balers were made by the Vicons. They were produced for short a time. Vicons is no longer existing. I have been looking for some spairs for this baler, Chamber knife, PTO bearings and the needles. I have not been successful to get them. Please could any one help me know where I can get this spairs or the same baler for breaking or repair?

      Your help will be highly appreciated.

    11. 6820
      Hi Derrick.

      I have quadrant bale barley 300+ , and hay 600 + stored inside and dry. Please pop in and see it if you are passing.

      You have been before, Whittimere Farm, Stourbridge, DY7 5ET

      Regards Mike

      07791 438389
    12. DanT171
      Hi I have over 100 four foot round bale silage for sale not the best quality as mowed earlier this month as first cut never had any fert and baled dry, 5layers of wrap, I'm located very close to Toyota island on the A50 staffs/Derbyshire border excellent road access for artics and I'm open to offers on the fodder if interested?
    13. Davidatvaiseys
      We have lots of haulage for sale if you are interested
    14. K&J
      Never mind 'agricultural matters' how about sourcing some decent last year's big bale hay for your customers?
    15. sam1
      forage trader I have sent you a message or two have you got them?
    16. cooksey
      hi I messaged you yesterday what would your price for hay and straw delivered to bala doesn't need to be first 1st quality
    17. peterfarmer!
      100 bales round bale haylage and 50 round barley straw also round bale hay but I don't need the hay yet,it is all for horses so must be the best quality,I would like to view before delivery,do you go to chelford market!
    18. lexion man
      lexion man
      I have been selling for 25 a bale good easy access m54 junc 3
    19. Bull beef
      Bull beef
      Hiya we need hay haylage or silage... We need a few hundred bales is possible we are based on the a40 just by whitland can you help at all we take big loads thanks
    20. Maddog
      Evening Derrick, would you be interested in some bright wheat straw, 90cm bales ex Kent? 500t
      Look forward to hearing.
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