Your chance to help design ELMS

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Environmental Land Management - Defra Director answers Farming Forum members questions about the new scheme

Collecting NRoSO and BASIS Points from Arable Scotland

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If you missed any of the sessions then please see the Arable Scotland Website or the threads below for all the webinars and our virtual field tours.

We would be grateful if you would take the time to complete this feedback form to allow us to improve any future online events -

If you did not fill in your BASIS / NRoSo membership number on your registration form but would like points please email with your membership number and postcode and the sessions that you viewed.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you back in the field next year.

Police launch image appeal following Dorset farm equipment theft

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Written by Agriland Team

Officers investigating the theft of farming equipment in West Dorset are appealing for witnesses to come forward and issuing images of two of the stolen items.

The burglary occurred at a farm in the Tincleton area between 5:00pm on Saturday, June 27 and 8:00am on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

A tri-axle flatbed trailer, an IEA cattle crush, a trailer lock and a chain and padlock were stolen.

[IMG alt="Image source Dorset...

Cover crops â a practical farm example

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Cover crops â a practical farm example

The need to restore soil health, control blackgrass and reduce exposure to oilseed rape has resulted in a complete rethink over cropping and rotation on a North Yorkshire farm.

Twenty years ago half of the land at Stephen Tuer Farms was in grass for dairy cows. This provided a perfect three-year break for arable cropping, helping to condition soil and keeping pernicious weeds like blackgrass at bay.

We could plough out the grass and combination drill it the soil was teeming with life and we could get three good crops of wheat and barley before going back in to grass, says Steve Tuer.

When we gave up the dairy cows in 2009 we turned to...

New body to protect UK farm standards – but remit unclear

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Written by Jamie Day

The industry has welcomed the government decision to establish a Trade and Agriculture Commission to safeguard the UK’s high food and farming standards outside the EU. But the body is advisory and time limited – assurances are being sought as to how it will operate. The NFU has long called for such a body, which […]

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AF Group grows full year profit and sales

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Written by Jamie Day

Farmer-controlled agricultural purchasing company the AF Group has increased profitability and revenues from its latest full year’s trading. As a result, it is giving a record total back to its members. The Norwich-based business made an operating surplus of £2.15 million on a turnover of £287.17m in the year to January 31st 2020, compared to […]

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Timing is everything

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Written by cpm

Download PDF Foliar-applied maleic hydrazide is set to become an important foundation in potato sprout control programmes after the withdrawal of chlorpropham (CIPC). CPM seeks some expert advice on getting the most out of the active ingredient this season. For those switching to MH this year, it’s all about timing. By Lucy de la Pasture and Rob Jones Many growers will be using maleic hydrazide (MH) for sprout control for the first time this year and experienced users stress that planning ahead is critical to its success. Ensuring MH application hits the optimum timing, while climatic conditions at spraying are favourable, isn’t always easy to achieve in practice. The 2020-21...

Tech Talk – Growing hybrid rye

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Written by cpm

Download PDF Today hybrid rye is grown on over five million hectares worldwide in Europe, Canada and the USA. KWS is actively developing market opportunities to support an increased acreage of this versatile, lower input crop. For the UK, KWS believes this highly productive cereal offers new perspectives for farmers and end users alike! Rye not? Interest in hybrid rye for grain is growing in the UK, not just because of its agronomic merits but also because it adds diversity to the rotation. Recent research demonstrates rye’s benefits as a feed grain for pigs, opening up an expanding market opportunity for growers. CPM finds out more. Nitrogen inputs are far lower – 45% less than is...

Stand TerraMap & Omnia - Make the most of precision technology

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TerraMap Logo Layers.JPG

Welcome to the Omnia and TerraMap stand.

The central idea behind Omnia was to create a platform which could host, manage and inform, rather than just store data, putting the user in control. As a result, we decided early on to adopt an open approach, developing Omnia to connect to other cloud-based systems so that all data sources could be utilised. Omnia has a number of import and export features to transfer data with a wide range of machines and platforms. It can be accessed on-line from any device, making it very practical for making changes. While Omnia has been designed for self-reliance, it can also be operated by an agronomist or advisor and can be used for whole-field or precision management...

Low Carbon Agriculture event launches in the UK

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Low Carbon Agriculture, a new event showcasing opportunities in low carbon energy, technological advances and Environmental Land Management (ELM), is set to launch at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, next March. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Formerly Energy and Rural Business Show, the event has rebranded, relocated and reasserted its focus to ensure that practical solutions to tackling climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon initiatives and best practice in both environmental and carbon management, take centre stage, according to the organisers. Held in association with the National Farmers Union (NFU), Low Carbon...

Poll Arable Scotland Poll - Winter Wheat Yields

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How do you estimate your winter wheat yields will perform this harvest compared to last season?


Poll Arable Scotland Poll - Barley yields?

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How do you estimate your spring barley yields will perform this harvest compared to last season?


Healthy Soils – How can you manage your soil for the future

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Welcome to the Healthy Soils stand.

As an irreplaceable physical resource, it is essential to protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops under the current agricultural model. To help this process the Healthy Soils service provides essential information to growers and agronomists to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance: -

  • Measure and monitor soil health
  • Maximise crop nutrition
  • Reduce environmental impact
It is the only report to give both total and available nutritional and rotational nutrient-cycling, providing a programmed approach to soil improvement.

All our Healthy Soils in-field assessors are fully qualified agronomists, fully supporting each other with their shared...

Poll Arable Scotland Poll - how far sold are you for 2020?

Webinar Webinar Program for Arable Scotland 2020 2nd July

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Following this program:

1:00 pm: Webinar for New Entrants – visit GoToMeeting and use code 176-110-507 - Open Webinar Thread

3:00 pm: Guided Digital Crop Tour – visit GoToMeeting and use code 826-012-691 - Open Webinar Thread

5:00 pm: Live stream Q & A – Meeting the challenges of net-zero -...

Arable Conversations 2nd July - 5:00pm - Meeting the Challenges of Net Zero

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5pm Live Stream Arable Conversations: Meeting the Challenges of Net Zero




Open Letter - Sheep industry experts stand together to urge action now

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An open letter to all sheep farmers

We would like to bring to your attention advice from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group regarding the use of the two newer wormer groups (4-AD orange (Zolvix™) and 5-SI purple Startect).

Use of these two newer groups has more than doubled in the last three years since their reclassification to POM-VPS. Fears that they would be used too widely when the classification changed have proved to be unfounded, but sheep farmers could still harness their potential more.

Use of these two newer groups has more than doubled in the last three years since their reclassification to POM-VPS. Fears that they would be used too widely when the classification changed have proved to be unfounded, but sheep farmers could...

New Countdown to UK Dairy Day

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A new countdown starts for UK Dairy Day; instead of being just over 2 months away sadly we now have to wait another 14 months for the dedicated dairy industry event to return to Telford.

Unfortunately Government guidelines have not provided us with the assurance that UK Dairy Day can go ahead with the large numbers we anticipate attending.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that the 2020 event cannot take place on Wednesday 16th September at the International Centre, Telford”, said Sue Cope, UK Dairy Day Event Director and CEO of Holstein UK. “Since UK Dairy Day started in 2014, it has provided dairy farmers and the industry with a fantastic opportunity to network, do business and view a superb show of dairy...

New Arrowquip crush range raises the bar for cattle handling

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Written by John Swire

Cattle handling equipment safety and efficiency is essential for beef and dairy producers looking to optimise herd performance.

“Whether it be mitigating injury of livestock and handlers, improving health programme protocols and daily liveweight gains or reducing production losses associated to stress, cattle handling equipment is going to have a long-term economic impact on beef and dairy herds,” says Edward Wise of Wise Agriculture, leading UK supplier of Arrowquip.

Upping the standard of its world-renowned cattle handling equipment, Arrowquip is releasing four new squeeze crushes, including two manual and two hydraulic models. According to Steve Langrell, cattle...

Arable Conversations 2nd July - 6:30pm - Alternative markets and new product opportunities’

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6. 30 pm Live Stream Arable Conversations: Alternative markets and new product opportunities


Economists and food experts will discuss opportunities for the arable sector and the challenges in current markets. With the UK wheat crop already forecast to be significantly lower in 2020 should we assume that UK wheat prices are going to come under pressure and will this lead to larger imports.

Topics under discussion include the latest grain market commentary, the longer-term direction for wheat and barley prices, forecasts for global stocks, Scottish and international grain markets. Former AHDB Monitor Farmer Alison Milne, will discuss how her brand, Crafty Maltsters, has added value to a commodity product by exploring flavour...

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