The Guardian view on animal welfare: keep it up | Editorial

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The Guardian view on animal welfare: keep it up | Editorial

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Hard-won protections for both humans and livestock are under threat – and worth fighting for

Hunting, scientific experimentation, entertainment, the keeping of pets, farming, fishing, habitat destruction: there is no one story about the way that humans use animals – and cause them to suffer. So far, the UN reported this week, our collective efforts to protect wildlife globally have not succeeded. All 20 of the Aichi biodiversity targets agreed in Japan a decade ago...

ABP Angus Youth Challenge to run semi-finals as virtual event

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Written by Rachel Martin

More than 60 teenagers from 14 schools across Northern Ireland are set to compete in this year’s semi-final of the ABP Angus Youth Challenge, an agri-food skills development initiative for teenagers.

Judging of the semi-finalists will take place online next week due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Teams must present their ideas and displays on camera to convince a panel of independent judges of their knowledge of premium Northern Irish Angus beef production and their interest in aspects of the local beef supply chain.

Judges include represents from across the farming, agri-food and education sectors, including Queen’s University Belfast; Southern Regional College; the...

John Deere will not attend international trade shows in 2021

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Safety first for employees, dealers and customers

John Deere will not attend international trade shows in 2021

In order to ensure the safety of customers and employees, John Deere has announced that it will not attend any international agricultural and turf trade shows in Europe and the CIS during the company’s 2021 fiscal year (1 November 2020 to 31 October 2021), as this would require extensive international travel. Instead, the company will use a new marketing mix of traditional and digital tools to deliver information to customers.

Events of the last few months have profoundly changed everyone’s working and social lives. The protection of people’s health and safety is now more critical than ever, while maintaining close contact with customers is still important to...

Colin the woodman

River planning on Countryfile

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River planning on Countryfile

Written by Defra Press Office

Last night’s BBC Countryfile featured a project on the River Trent being managed by a partnership between the Environment Agency (EA) and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (SWT).

This project will see part of the River Trent diverted through the Victoria Ground, which was the home ground of Stoke City football club from 1878 until 1997.

Matt Lawrence, project manager for the EA, was interviewed to explain how the work will see a once heavily polluted stretch of England’s third longest river transformed...

SIMA postponed to 2022

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

In view of the current global economic climate and the many uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers of SIMA have taken the decision to postpone next year’s event until Nov 2022. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Despite receiving the confirmation and support of many leading and loyal exhibitors together with all its partners for the edition rescheduled in early 2021, the organisers of SIMA announced this week that it could not be held with full peace of mind in Feb 2021. Following consultations with a large number of exhibitors and agricultural machinery market figures, whose production and distribution cycles have been hit particularly hard by...

Autumn Guide - Learning Lessons from the Past

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History clearly tells us that single-site fungicides used without the addition of a multi-site can quickly succumb to resistance evolution. Alternative multi-sites such as folpet can be used to manage resistance and extend the life of existing chemistry.



How do they work:

Mutli-sites target multiple paths of the fungus development, such as spore germination, cell division and energy production in mitochondria. Trials show that multi-sites improve disease control and can delay the development of resistance in other actives. H


• Grow varieties with good...

Autumn Guide - How to get the most from your Spring Malting Barley

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Spring barley varieties will be growing quickly now. Attention needs to be paid to fungicide choice, PGR requirements and nitrogen as we move towards harvest. Nitrogen should be applied depending on which market you are growing for, and the contract specifications if growing for malt.



GRAIN N TARGET: 1.6-1.75% FOR DOMESTIC USE AND OVER 1.8% FOR EXPORT Syngenta trials have shown LAUREATE has an increasing yield response up to 150 kg N/ha total dose without impacting % grain N in England. Suggested application timings - 2 doses to be applied by GS15. For export, higher total dose and later timings may help to achieve the higher grain N, PROPINO has an innately higher grain N which suits the...

Grain price: Green lights in the markets

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Written by Agriland Team

Grain markets were in the green this week. Prices have been increasing over the past few weeks and on Thursday evening (September 10) UK, French and Chicago wheat all moved upwards.

This will be welcomed by tillage farmers currently trying to finish the harvest.

December MATIF wheat finished at €189.75/t on Thursday evening. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) corn finished at 365c/bu on the same night.

The rise in prices came ahead of this week’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) Report which should give a better picture of storm damage to US crops...

Tariffs on agricultural products to be reduced under UK-Japan Trade deal

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Written by Alistair Driver

Tariffs on exports of a number of agricultural products will be reduced under a new Free Trade Agreement announced with Japan today.

The UK’s first major trade deal as an independent trading nation will increase trade with Japan by an estimated £15.2 billion, the Government said. The UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement was agreed in principle by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and Japan’s Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu on a video call this morning.

The EU already has an FTA with Japan and the Government said the deal was ‘tailored to the UK economy and secures additional benefits beyond the EU-Japan trade deal, giving UK...

Latest generation of seed sowing robots.

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Latest generation of seed sowing robots.

The Fendt Xaver comes of age

AGCO/Fendt is developing the next generation of field robots as part of a strategic research project. The new series of Xaver sowing robots differs from the last two studies, in more than just appearance. The inner workings, the 'seed units', are also completely new.

Automation and autonomy are hot topics when it comes to sustainable farming technology. As such, the Research & Advanced Engineering department of the agricultural engineering manufacturer, AGCO/Fendt, has been working on...

Financial considerations for farmers

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Financial considerations for farmers

Written by

Will is joined by Matthew Bennett and Martin Ansell from NFU Mutual, to talk about things farmers should consider and be aware of in terms of investments and pensions.

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Forage measuring device arrives in UK

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Written by Iain Hoey

A forage analysis technology from agricultural materials analysis specialist Eurofins Agro UK, which is designed to help farmers and nutritionists make better use of homegrown fodder through more accurate and reliable evaluation, is now available in the UK.

The new handheld device combines laboratory testing and SCiO and is built to enable farmers to draw on global data index figures and benchmark values to measure forage more accurately than ever.

Eurofins has developed a comprehensive database of forage samples to analyse and benchmark forage. The global benchmark values and rumen character charts are being made available to farmers in the UK for the first time...

New Covid-19 veterinary survey in September to gauge business impact

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Written by Agriland Team

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) will issue the fourth iteration of its coronavirus impact survey next week to track how the pandemic and its control measures are affecting UK veterinary businesses.

The survey will be emailed tomorrow (Tuesday, September 1) to all UK veterinary practices.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The impact on the provision of emergency care;
  • Current levels of practice turnover;
  • The amount of staff on furlough;
  • Whether certain branches or premises have had to close; and
  • Measures put in place to mitigate transmission of the virus.

In addition, new questions are being asked about the impact of...

Agronomic Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Indispensable

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Written by Matt Hopkins

While the current cropping season is still in full swing in Australia (winter crop), the U.S. (summer crop), […]

The post Agronomic Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Indispensable appeared first on PrecisionAg.

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Talks begin to mitigate impact of pig factory closure

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Written by Rachel Martin

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has warned “action needs to be taken” to prevent the closure of a pig processing plant in Co. Antrim from developing into a major crisis.

The UFU said it had been involved in talks with Northern Ireland Ministers, Government officials, and pig processors over the past few days regarding the ongoing closure of Cranswick Country Foods factory in Cullybackey.


The factory is one of the region’s main meat processing sites for pigs and has been closed for two weeks after a cluster of Covid-19 cases were discovered among staff.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday (August 20), Northern Ireland Health...

Autumn Guide - Rooting and Establishment

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The past three seasons have seen extremes of weather, from the ‘Beast from the East’, to droughts and flooding. When you purchase your seed, you don’t know what conditions your seed will be drilled into, or the weather for the remainder of the season. Fast emergence, good rooting and strong early crop development help to build a more resilient crop that can better cope with whatever the season throws at it.



Unpredictable weather can have...

Truss unveils Agri-Food trade advisory group

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Written by Alistair Driver

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has today launched 11 new groups to advise on trade, including an Agri-Food group covering most aspects of the industry.

The group also includes representatives of the UK farming unions, and organisations and businesses representing all sectors of farming, food and drink, as well as retail, hospitality, meat processing and manufacturing.

As trade talks with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand intensify, Ms Truss said she was stepping up engagement with key industries across Britain, including farming, manufacturing and automotive.

She said their advice will be used to help inform the government’s...

Dairy Strong

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Dairy Strong

Written by


And who better to be the 150th guest than the incredible Katrina Dunford.

Listen as Katrina tell her story of love, loss, strength and resilience.


Podcast Sponsor:

NFU Cymru - for more information please visit

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Novel product unlocks soil phosphorus reserves

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Novel product unlocks soil phosphorus reserves

Farmers could significantly reduce their phosphorus fertiliser bills and benefit the environment thanks to a novel product that converts unavailable phosphate into a crop-available form.

Many high calcium or high pH soils might appear to have adequate P indexes, but most of this essential nutrient is bound up as insoluble calcium phosphate and is not available to the crop, says Chris Martin, Agrovistas head of soil health.

Phosphorus is critical for crop growth, playing a key role in...

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