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    Fencing advice next to main road

    It's too stop cattle running up in to a wide verge with woodland set back off road . Thanks very much for your replies 👍
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    Fencing advice next to main road

    Hi all I have been asked to put a single strand of barb next to a road thats on a bend also 60mph , I think this is dangerous and would like to hear what others think . My worry is who does the blame lie with if there's a accident or if a motorcycle goes and gets cut in half ??
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    Shrewsbury to glasson docks

    Mounted mower from Shrewsbury to glasson docks
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    MF 3095 gearbox problem

    Check the ball on the end of gear stick has no play , selector fork bolt come loose ???????
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    Handheld post driver

    I have a portek one I find it very good but heavy . Depending what sort of ground you have got if it's hard it takes a bit longer or won't Knock it in. Been on mine today with posts stood up Infront ready less than a minute a post to put in really impressed
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    Defender chassis

    It's not too big of a job quite easy to do make sure you label everything when you take it off and loads of pictures
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    Tractor breakers db

    Try Ron greet he has a fair selection on various makes
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    widening a gateway

    Just go for it if anyone asks your making room for a badger bypass 👌
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    What’s this off?!

    Massey 3000????
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    Approx 20t of soil needed near Wentnor in Shropshire.

    Hi have you managed to sort out the pond ?
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    Tractor breakers

    Nick Young Tractor Parts Ltd , heard good reports about him
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    Maize drill mounted on power harrow

    @Ted M
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    Sealing tubeless tyres

    Put lighter fluid in and light it works well
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    Best Glue

    Gorilla glue I have always found it strong
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    Massey Ferguson 3070 not going in B range

    Maybe bent selector or play in the ball on bottom of gear stick