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    New Highway code rules ffs

    Sounds like a good rule to me 🤣
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    Recommend me an off road pram

    Sounds like you need an argocat 🤣
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    Watson machinery

    Good machines, bought one new from jock bryce in 2010, all i've put to it is one new rope
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    The first domino?

    The reverse is also true of that statement
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    Watson machinery

    Thank you all, much appreciated
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    Watson machinery

    Thank you , good to know
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    Watson machinery

    Anyone have dealings with watson machinery in County durham ? Interested in a implement they have for sale, not a big amount of money and not worth going to view it as it's brand new anyway, just be nice to know they are good to deal with
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    The Farm Dog

    Do anything for cheese 🤣
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    Recording Hill Ewes

    Speak for yourself 😝🤣
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    Get ready to defend yourself

    We should be playing these twunts at there own game, i often wonder what would happen if everything farming related just pulled the stop for one week, no milk, no meat, no eggs, no veg or fruit, no grain, sit back and put our feet up for a week or two !
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    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Father and granfer always called them "Fares"
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    Local filling station are out of mars bars ...disaster 🤣
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    Watercourse Depth

    Yes done a bit to it on the river here on bad bends in the river, cut 4"-5" diameter lengths of willow and pushed them in with the digger and weaved in some branches , and filled in behind it with soil, all growing and no more erosion