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    Recruting a new farm manager - where on earth to begin?!

    As a Farm Manager, I have found FWi a good place if I'm looking for a change. 4Xtra Hands is good when looking for people.
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    Labour Cost per Litre

    Many thanks. I think it starts to get confusing when we add in feet, AI and tractor work. We currently outsource feet and AI and the tractor driver splits his time 50/50 between feeding and Arable.
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    Labour Cost per Litre

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, I'm trying to find comparable labour costs per litre for different systems. We run a 250 Holstein cow autumn block system, and I need to show the directors how we compare against other systems and wether we should try to increase yield or take a more...
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    How much experience would I need in this industry ?

    Have a look at JWP Farming on Facebook, he's in your area and would be a good operator, he may have something.