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    Stand Martin Lishman

    MARTIN LISHMAN Stand: 929 Established in 1975, we specialise in crop storage and monitoring, potato quality, compact spraying systems and cultivation. Martin Lishman innovations use low-cost digital technologies to meet the challenge of reducing post-harvest food waste. Products are practical...
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    Any questions? Crop storage, potato quality, compact sprayers, soil items...

    I have messaged Brisel but if anyone else would like any information we can quote via [email protected] or 01778 426600
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    Any questions? Crop storage, potato quality, compact sprayers, soil items...

    If you have any questions about any of our products then please ask away. In the mean time, here's the link to the website to give you some more information. Thanks Jess 01778 426600 [email protected]
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    At home soil analysis

    @Cab-over Pete it is available on The Farm Marketplace The SKW500 is £1660 If you need to know anything else please feel free to ask.
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    Lishman floor vent system vs pedestals

    Hi all Our FloorVent video might help to show how it works. I'm happy to answer any questions either on here or by phone/email. Also if you want to know of a local who has installed the system I can look into that for you. Thanks Jess [email protected] 01778 426600
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    At home soil analysis

    Hi @sb18 This is our most advanced kit. It includes sufficient extraction and reagent tablets for 50 of all the basic tests (pH, lime, NPK) plus magnesium and calcium as well as the trace elements. The SKW 500 includes the Multiparameter Pocket Sensor, as well as the Bluetooth-enabled Soiltest...
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    Martin Lishman 25% Sale

    For a limited time we are offering 25% off on Farm Marketplace with our HOT GRAIN CAMPAIGN. Fans, Trouble Dry Screw in Spears and more.
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    Martin lishman pedestals

    I'm sure you're sorted by now but we do have all of the components available as spares. If you need any help feel free to call or email 01778 426600 [email protected]