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    Massey 8s owners/drivers

    The new 8s cab in terms of Comfort and visibility is in a different league to the 7s in my opinion. Once you've driven one a few hundred hours you'd think the same.
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    Jcb or merlo?

    Until their is a cab suspension on another make I wouldn't look anywhere else, comfort is on another level!! Merlo is a very powerful machine both in the field and on the road.
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    one for the MF die hards

    I did say it needs to be a little smaller than the 8s cab in my post to be fair.
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    one for the MF die hards

    Had a small issue with the drakes stopping you go 55k down the road which was sorted pretty quick, with any new design you'll get little issues crop up, so far I've been very impressed. Its a Lovely place to spend the day ploughing, mowing, etc just a shame they couldn't of got a similar 4 post...
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    one for the MF die hards

    In the 800 odd hours driving the tractor I can say only 2-3 times have the beacon's been bent down, not once have they smashed. We have a 7720 and smaller 7616 and the 8s is in a different league in every way! The dyna 7 box is light years in front of the dyna 6. Drive it in auto mode mode...
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    one for the MF die hards

    they look better on 710 70 42s with the wider mudguards.
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    Organic Fodder beet/maize any experince?

    Hi everyone. Just thought I'd make people aware we've got the website built now for our new business. If you'd like to take a look it's
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    Organic Fodder beet/maize any experince?

    All depends on field size and how many times you have to move fields. Over 24 hours it will cover between 6 to 12 acres. Nice Square fields will be good output. Ours will be covering 60-70 acres next year which will be a good test for it.
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    Organic Fodder beet/maize any experince?

    The cost depends on what you buy, but the machine in the picture is roughly around 75k and comes with its own RTK base station. There are other manufacturers out there but non that use the same tech. The best thing about the system is the ability to start hoeing as soon as seeding has...
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    Organic Fodder beet/maize any experince?

    This is the future guys. We are the area dealers for the FD20 so if you want to talk pm me. Getting good results is still down to good preparation and plenty of muck!!
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    MF 7719 experiences

    Why the wait for a new cab?
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    one for the MF die hards

    Take a picture of it. I'm sure it's not set up properly
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    Using Dyna 6

    I take it your not using auto mode then? To compare dyna 6 to dyna 7 is like night and day if you know how to drive the new transmission. You should never need to dip the clutch at a junction, only ever use the break pedal.
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    New toy day

    I believe the video your watching was taken last season when the Robot was in its first full year of production and yes they did have the odd problem with software. But the one which is working in the UK this year is the FD20 model with updated software and is working very well! Its managed to...