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    Best quad bike

    Looking to change my Honda trx 420,do I go Honda again or Suzuki king quad 400 or Yamaha Kodiak 450.needs to be strong enough to pull a snacker in the winter.
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    Telehandler tyres

    What’s best tyres to put on telehandler,wanted for yard and field work.currently got mitas 405/70 R24 and done about 4600 hours
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    Tractor cleaning products

  4. mattydraw

    Merlo and New Holland Led headlight upgrade

    have these fitted to my 32.5 supplied by Martin and they are fantastic
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    Teagle tomahawk 8100 or McHale c460

    Anyone got a Kuhn?
  6. mattydraw

    suzuki or Honda

    Manual or auto?
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    suzuki or Honda

    Have you ever had a 400?want one as a back up to out Polaris ranger and to pull a second snacker
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    suzuki or Honda

    thinking of upgrading our old honda quad,thinking either honda 420 or suzuki kingquad 400 auto.anyone got either?
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    Upgrade from Case JXU 95

    Maxxum 110
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    Taurus tyres

    What’s people’s opinions on these tyres,apparently made by Michelin and same side walls but tread not as strong.same price as Bkt.would be going on a 50k tractor doing a fair amount of road work
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    Tyre size

    I’ve got a New Holland t6070 range command.its got 460/85R38 and 380/85 R28.the tears are 60%tread but fronts have worn quicker with it being 50k.tyre dealer has told me to put 420/70 R28 on fronts because they will wear better but will it be ok with the same rear tyres?
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    Round bale handler

  13. mattydraw

    Round bale handler

    I want one with rollers and spikes underneath
  14. mattydraw

    Round bale handler

    whats best value for money round bale handler?
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    red clover

    anyone feed red clover to ewes before and during lambing?

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