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    Warwickshire - Farm Dispersal Sale - Howkins & Harrison
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    Partnership dissolution and CGT

    I am currently involved in an amicable partnership split. All properties jointly owned and we are looking to put it into individual names. It is my understanding that capital gains tax wouldn’t be payable on the farm buildings and land but would be on the non occupied dwellings. Has anyone...
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    Land Agent

    From my experience there are som many areas to cover they can’t be an expert at them all.
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    Farms for Sale

    Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding Brexit and a drop in profitability there seems to be a major lack in arable farms for sale this year. Does everyone think there will be a increase in supply?
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    Flat deck systems

    How old is the equipment?
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    Agri occupancy mortgages

    Surprising to hear that considering AMC alone have been on the go for over 90 years and are probably the most relaxed lender of the lot!
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    Agri occupancy mortgages

    How come you aren’t prepared to look at Lloyds or AMC?
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    Egg prices dropping again.

    How bad is the free range job at the moment? Is there money to be made building a new shed as there is still plenty going up?
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    Deeds,land registry, tax

    Do you work on the farm at all?
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    Pig b&b /rearing.

    Where in northern England are you?
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    Land ownership and rights

    Has a rent been paid to the owner of the quarter share and if so since when?
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    Egg prices dropping again.

    Still plenty of new sheds going up in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
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    Splitting a buisness with an issue with a tenancy farm

    Sit round a table and sort it out like grown ups. Solicitors have a role but only to formalise what the parties have agreed, otherwise it can be a very costly exercise!
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    Egg prices dropping again.

    Despite all the negativity surrounding FR eggs there are still plenty of new units going up in East Yorkshire, I am aware of 132,000 additional birds and that doesn’t include the new super unit of 256,000 birds! How much additional capacity will be needed for 2025 when the supermarkets have...
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    Noble foods free range

    I think that Wot a Pullet are on with getting planning permission for a 256,000 bird unit on one farm. Must have a good crystal ball!

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