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    Potato Internal Brown Fleck

    If it proves to be IRS, calcium as mentioned above and Boron pre and early post TI.
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    Foliar Boron - wheat

    @Brisel Can i suggest you test-apply-test. All the tests i've done and applied to correct deficiency hasn't actually done so. Testing applying and then not testing could be folly.
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    Potato spray guide

    Fluazinam has resistance issues with some strains so in the UK it is only used with another active. Go with something that has tuber blight on the label Ranman is useful.
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    Peri em flufenacet...yes or no?

    Thinking the same. FFT label possibly states full rate to 31/12/2019 then half rate? Half rate not used unless with another at half rate.
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    Mols of Nitrogen etc Something for you agronomists.

    If I were you I would get the analysis re sent in something you can understand.
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    Strip tilling into new land

    Why can’t you place the seed in the slot left by the strip till leg then roll, I assume the slot is drillable in the spring? Maize would be fine at that depth.
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    I’ve not seen this before.

    It’s worth gently lifting one of the gatherings and seeing the size of the burrow, quite remarkable I think. Make sure you replace it though.
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    My Bridgeway Biostimulant trial

    I wasn’t having a go at Clive merely stating it’s nice to see some figures which you would assume are independent of any interest.
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    My Bridgeway Biostimulant trial

    Interesting trial from NIAB just released trying all the various potions. Thank you for the clarity!!!
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    barley yellow tips

    One of the more mobile nutrients going short! Oldest leaf tip going that colour means nutrients moving/transfering to the newest growth/youngest leaf, which looks a good colour!
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    Try Envy/Leystar.
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    720 g glyphosate

    +/- adjuvant or water conditioner!!!!
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    Barley volunteers in turnips

    Higher rates v’s lower rates........have more adjuvant in which speeds up the signs of kill. Start at 0.25 l/ha for 2 leaf and increase by 0.1 l/ha for each additional leaf. Or there abouts.
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    Grass after wheat/cereals

    Have you checked the EAMU?
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    Grass after wheat/cereals

    0.1 l/ha falcon!

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