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    Grass after wheat/cereals

    Have you checked the EAMU?
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    Grass after wheat/cereals

    0.1 l/ha falcon!
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    thistle/dock control in grassland

    yes but not sure it will be that much cheaper.
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    My Bridgeway Biostimulant trial

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    My Bridgeway Biostimulant trial

    Interested to hear the positive yield response! Is it statistically significant?
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    Mass lodging of Clearfield rape

    Yes, 2 varieties as you described. Imperial and Impressario.
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    Calculation correct

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    What agronomists can say % of establishment methods

    7% totally direct drill 40% totally min till 40% totally strip till the rest is a bit of everything....some direct drilling where situations allow and some ploughing for maize/potatoes etc. The interesting thing is once farms have gone to strip till they never look back! Not quite there regards...
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    Plague of pollen beetles

    Are you sure they aren't flea beetles from some near by OSR.
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    Zinc seed treatment to replace Deter ??

    Possibly...... BYDV = rooting issues! Zinc = increases rooting? Can’t see it having a great enough effect.
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    Wheat after long term ley

    Remove grass species for a period of at least 6 weeks prior to planting the wheat, that should remove any likely issues with fritfly. If after inspecting you find wireworm either signal seed dressing or cross your fingers and hope it’s ok. In the second year grow spuds and treat with nemathorin.
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    Wheat after long term ley

    By pest do you mean fritfly or wireworm?
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    Which white clover for understory in winter wheat?

    Let us know how you get on killing clover with glyphosate. I would love to know.
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    Insects taking over the world?!

    Interesting comment about x-change with pyrethroids!!!!
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    Nitrogen on canyon spring oats

    “And lastly, despite some of the pub banter you may read on TTF: chlormequat and moddus are not going to incinerate a crop or turn it into a dwarf.” Yes they can, albeit at higher rates than would/should be advised.

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