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    Clap for carers

    A doctor came out of retirement, voluntarily, to help. Today he died.
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    Clap for carers

    Please retract that GUTH, for your own sake.
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    Plastic medium water pails

    Black ones from B&Q 98p each. Good value for what we do, but don’t go for the orange ones.
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    Dartmill tower Fred dibnah

    He’s been mentioned in threads here before, a true legend. Had the privilege of meeting him and hearing him give a talk not long before he died. We’ll never see the likes of him again, though I should imagine he wasn’t the easiest to live with!
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    Bad back / muscle spasm

    I’ve had to make sure there was a chair in front of me on the odd occasion I’ve had to do it, to haul myself up again.
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    Bad back / muscle spasm

    Stretch as much as possible. If you can kneel down, reach your arms out on the floor in front of you and sink down slowly, stretching your back out for 30 seconds to a minute at least. Ibuprofen will help reduce any swelling on a nerve.
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    Pink Eye

    We’ve had a lot this year. Alamycin 200 here and the vets have said they’ll build up an immunity to it, but we’ve had several reoccurring and young lambs affected too. Not much help to you I’m afraid, and I’ll be interested in replies, but at least you know you’re not the only one with it.
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    Hitched legs at lambing

    I find big singles need helping, but twins being smaller are usually ok. Depends a bit on how much energy the ewe has, as they can get tired and give up a bit sometimes.
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    Bale unroller/bedder or feeder/bedder

    My main machine is a Lucas Castor. Haven’t used other makes but really like it. Use it for round and 6 string bales for feed and bedding. Most of my bedding is rush/grass 6 string bales and I don’t really know how else I could use them. I do use a loader mounted rotating spike for feeding round...
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    Stockholm tar here too, mostly on the neck. Badgers usually go for the brain here and leaves the rest. Not sure the spray has such a strong smell, but it’s a lot easier to use. Some people recommend orange flashing road lights.
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    Key Worker Form

    Took a fairly ripe ewe to the hunt a couple of days ago. Typical, the 1 time you really DO want the police to stop and question you......! :)
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    Best way to Splinter lambs front feet

    Same here, but gaffer tape. Don’t want it earthing!
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    Pissssst! New Wool Shedder!

    That’s a combination of cooking and taste preference though isn’t it? Give me slow cooked hogget over young lamb any day, in fact the best sheep meat I’ve ever had was our own mutton at Christmas slow cooked for 9 hours in red wine. Fantastic flavour in my opinion, but perhaps wouldn’t suit others?
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    Farmers bounce back

    So do you think the wholesale butcher that I directly supply is going to pay me more because the shops will charge more, or pay me less because the market price dropped last Monday? The latter I suspect, therefore the margins for those after me in the chain increase, while mine drops.
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    Farmers bounce back

    So can we expect to see a drop in the price in the shops? I somehow doubt it.

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