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    Weekly Caption Competition

    The Queen told Harry and Meghan that if they whitewash their life in public, their problems will go away. Laurence Fox now accuses them on racism
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    who's the winner @Dman2 ?
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    Counting with pictures.

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    I did my PA6 about 15 years ago. I remember that I had calculate how much water I would need to spray a test area, and then put in extra litre of water. This way you couldn't tell my the weight or 'sloshing' how much was left, and at the end of the test you then had to empty out what was left...
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    Alexa ,,in simple language

    Does she insist that your wife washes her hands often? PS. apologies for lowering the tone
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    Counting with pictures.

    I think @YorkshireAndrew misread the earlier pic and thought it was 6902, so he then followed up with 6903 So here's one for 5239 Following @bovrill 's post, the next one should be 5241
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Is that George Monbiot?...
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    Counting with pictures.

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    Big announcement tonight!

    Slightly off-topic, but nice to Cold-War Steve's work. Has anyone found Cilla yet? PS. she is in the window behind Sam Allardyce
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    Spring Wheat Fungicide Trials

    Considering that all approved pesticide registrations have to be supported and re-supported by actual data from the field, then I think almost all farmers who are using pesticides are going to benefit from helping test new and existing products. Obviously, hosting trials are not for everyone...
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    Bifenox on OSR

    Sometimes a split application works, and frost will also help to stress the charlock. 1.0 L/ha +oil first to sensitize the weeds, and then another 0.5 L/ha about 1-2 weeks later to finish them off
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    What’s this weed called

    Data from the US suggests these actives control barnyardgrass. I don't know what rates, and obviously this is not a recommendation, and it depends on the crop Pre-em Clomazone Dimethenamid-P Flufenacet S-metolachlor Napropamide Pendimethalin Rimsulfuron Post-em Clethodim Fenoxaprop Fluazifop...
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    Peri em flufenacet...yes or no?

    Pendi + Atlantis is quite popular
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    Spring OSR

    All I can say is good luck, whenever I have tried to grow it, it has been :X3:(n)
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    Found a drain!

    try propzamide or metaldehyde........only joking, please don't

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