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    Bulking out small seed in a SimTech (or other drills for that matter)

    I was involved in a conversation today about seeding grass and clover for seed production, so much smaller amounts of seed per hectare. A tip from a clover grower was to mix seed with grain seed in a small amount which is what has been suggested here. But a positive side effect that was...
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    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    Well there were ten nights in a row right up to flower with sub zero degrees, but there was also this period in first half of May without much frost, but continous cold and windy weather. No spring warmth. I don't know how much each factor matters, but damage is apparently noted in many areas of...
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    Any ideas whats up

    This spring, as every other spring here, it's vital to place fertiliser at drilling. There are huge benefits for spring crops to have quick access to N and P. Combi drilling is the most common practice in Sweden, regardless of system and I don't understand why so few other european farmers use...
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    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    Hello! We're happy right now, we've recieved enough rain last few weeks. But the cold winds and temps of first half of May have kept soil temps low and damaged some spring crops. And winter OSR have very few pods! They have flowered well, but it's as if they got sterile after the cold...
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    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    I'd say we've had even emergence of crops with our direct drill systems, perhaps more evenly than others with cultivator or plow systems. On the other hand, our crops show less vigour because of low temperatures (no tillage, lots of residue on surface), low mineralisation (only partially offset...
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    Any ideas whats up

    I'm most suprised by the difference of your beans, but I guess you've had close to our conditions this winter that has lead to poor structure and low temperatures in soil. Soils have been plastic and hard to create tilth and good seed to soil contact with a direct drill. It has also lead to...
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    Options after roundup

    The outlook is getting more and more bleak. Austria will apparently ban glyphosate coming year. France, Germany, Italy and Greece all seem to be against renewal and even eager to ban within the current period which is against EU regulations. And you lot in the UK are about to leave giving us...
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    Horsch Avatar Update

    Anyone had a look at the Avatar row cleaners in action?
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    Improvement of soil ph in DD crops.

    Lime to accelerate residue break down? I thought N would be the biggest factor.
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    Notill spring barley !

    I live in the wettest parts of Sweden, and generally drilling mid-April or even a bit earlier is normal here. I don't think we have to wait longer to start drilling than others around us that cultivate the same kind of soils either. Fascinating, with so much difference in latitude.
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    Notill spring barley !

    Spring barley in general has been very successful here too, but I see some examples where it doesn't get on well. I'm a bit concerned about seeding spring barley this time after a good winter wheat with lots and lots of chopped straw. Getting NPK, not only N, down with the seed is essential, but...
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    Horsch Avatar Update

    Your drill has the finger at the back of the seed boot as on the video too? Earlier you had to choose between either the seed firming wheel or a plastic finger if I understand correctly.
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    Horsch Avatar Update

    I heard of an update to the Avatar coulter and found this video from the North American launch of the drill. Seems there are a few tweaks to the design of the boot and also easier to change the gauge wheel position. Anyone had a new machine delivered with these changes to it? Also there is...
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    Direct Drilling Podcast

    More to find from outside Europe. No-Till Farmer (US) has A LOT of no-till podcast material. They have a cover crop podcast as well. John Kempf, AEA (US) has a very interesting podcast/YouTube series on regenerative ag and plant nutrition, some of them cover broad acre crops. Local farming...
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    Companion cropping wheat and beans

    The discussion of N-release from beans to wheat is interesting. Normally it's said, here and elsewhere, that beans won't share any N and the release will come with breakdown of its residue. Why would it, as it doesn't want to feed any competition? On the other hand, I've seen data of N-sharing...

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