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    Today at work

    Potatoes can absolutely hammer the ground in a wet time ,compaction, soil structure. You need good money to make it worthwhile.
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    Getting paid for straw ?

    It's still extremely sycophantic almost all your posts generate a disproportionate response because it's you . Anyone else moaning about not being paid wouldn't get any thing like the response. I really don't see why folks feel the need to feed your ego .
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    Getting paid for straw ?

    Here we go again another sycophantic Clive thread .poor Clive hasn't been paid , we'll join the bloody club. You're not the only one. 7 pages 125 posts why ?????
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    PA1 & PA6 Handheld sprayer Qualification

    Dosnt that apply to most things. Car drivers should have a refresher every 2 or 3 years. Standard of driving is terrible.
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    Argentinean corn in your corn flakes

    Why are we importing Argentinean corn to make corn flakes ,?whilst growing thousands of ha to chuck into ad plants . Madness yet again.
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    Invasion bets

    Don't see Macron massing his army on the German border threatening to invade.
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    Invasion bets

    Putin needs a conflict (verbal or imaginary) don't think he wants a real fight. He then portrays himself to his own people as the strong man standing up to the big bad west. The biggest threat to him is his own people and he knows it . It's all psychology to keep the populace on side, there...
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    Invasion bets

    How did you find jake11 ? What did you put into search for it ?
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    Who dreamed up Carbon offset.

    Great analogy 👍
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    Who dreamed up Carbon offset.

    More smoke and mirrors bulls**t . Just a paper shuffling exercise to tick a box to appear green (ish). Whilst continuing to not actually do anything different .. Farmers just doing the same , utilities, big corporations throwing a bit of cash at them, then saying we are green . The world...
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    Red or white

    Know of a guy who modified artic trailer frame somehow ,to conceal a red diesel tank to run his unit off. All piped up you wouldn't know it was there. Don't know if he ever got caught or still uses it , ingenious tho,
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    Electric cars long term owners

    Electric electric electric. How is the electric being generated is the important question ? Formula e , extreme e , all "green racing" and all rely on Cummins generators buzzing away in a corner of paddock but no one mentions this . it's NOT green. It's all smoke and mirrors ,unless it's all...
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    New Highway code rules ffs

    Plenty of bellends in everything , bikes ,motorbikes, trucks ,cars ,tractors , it's not exclusive to bikes.
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    New Highway code rules ffs

    I NEVER cycle A roads . Way to dangerous, I stick to single track quiet country roads ,and off road routes although this at times brings you into contact with mad locals who think the road is so quiet they can travel at suicidal speeds round blind bends . Derrick is spot on follow the stay...
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    How Do You Clean Your Tractor, Or Dont You?

    It's a tractor ffs , you clearly have it way too easy if you've time to fanny about with bags on pedals . Ridiculous.