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    Wartime threshing memories

    My first memories of threshing would be just after the war, probably 49/50, the threshing set was pulled usually by a case LA but occasionally depending which set came an Allis model U. I remember the Case had a winch that was used to pull the drum up the drive when it was icy. The Case was...
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    Things you miss from your past

    Petrol 4/10d or 24p a gallon, a pint of bitter 1 shilling or 5p, embassy fags 2shillings for ten or 10p, a ticket for a YFC County ball 7shillings and six pence or 38p. If you went out in the mini pick up with a pound you could have a night out, similar era to lazy sod above.
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    Auctioneer Pugh's sale at Exeter 30/31 October

    Sorry I should have read the question.
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    Auctioneer Pugh's sale at Exeter 30/31 October

    £39,000-00 from what I heard.
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    Ford 4100 loader

    In the years when we had 3000’s, Dextas and MF 35s or 135s with loaders we used small muck forks and buckets. We didn’t have big heavy silage grabs and big grain buckets or lift many round silage bales and big Heston straw bales. We should not expect tractors made 40 years ago to do what modern...
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    Kids 12v ride on toys.

    "Not sure about those but both my boys have had the John Deere branded Pego tractors and gators They absolutely love them, having worn through at least 2 sets of wheels on each machine and probably a couple of batteries a piece too. The only one that didn't last years of abuse was the 4x6 24v...
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    Older but no wiser

    we had Johnson?? steerage which was a similar principle but instead of a steering wheel had long handle to the back of the hoe and was pivoted on the front frame of the hoe and stuck out a few inches and connected to the steering arm. As you moved the handle so it pushed on the steering arm and...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Old style air con.
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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