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    Tree planting

    Problem is in the lowlands, particularly in England, by planting trees, you often devalue the land. It usually ends up being the preserve of the state sector or charities. Very few private estates or farms would actively choose to do it, even if they may be sympathetic to the idea. Consequently...
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    Tree planting

    Commercial trees are just a crop to be harvested the same as any other. They can and I believe should be integrated to many farming systems as a method of spreading risk and adding value, particularly in the hills. There no reason a good commercial farm can’t operate alongside a commercial...
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    Andrew Neil's 'GB News'

    Its definitely slicker and the sound has improved. Not one for rolling news but I'll probably watch it a bit from time to time. I don't think there's anything wrong with allowing presenters to air their opinions, as long as you have a range of opinions which is where the BBC et al have failed...
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    Tail docking for working dogs

    Scotland reversed its ban but not without significant suffering in the meantime. We had to get our working cocker's tail docked aged 2 1/2 as he kept bursting it, he was bought during the ban. Would never ever work a spaniel with a full tail again just led to miserable consequences for the dog.
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    Job going at the BBC

    Stupid advert from an increasingly irrelevant organisation. They’re finished. The sooner they’re put out their misery the better.
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    Whats this tree?

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    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    A fairly rundown house with 10acres went on the market near hear last month. Closing date within 24 hours, 16 offers and it sold 60% over guide price. There is huge amounts of money flowing from the city into the country right now.
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    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    It’s a total b***ache at times but our system is adapted to be as labour light as reasonably possible. It provides a nice place to live, raise a family and engage in the culture which we both came from without the stress and pressure of relying on it for a living. Time is always short though.
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    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    😂 to be fair I’m with @glasshouse on this one. Support should be targeted to maintain people on the land. A graduated approach based on area is the simplest and fairest route to that. There’s no sense in subsidising empires whilst small producers that everybody claims to want are allowed to go...
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    Access to home via farm track

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Animals You See, Things You Find When Mowing Grass ?

    Hares. Sad to say I've caught one or two. They are buggers for hunkering down instead of bolting and impossible to see in the long grass. That said, I have managed to rescue a few, along with Roe deer fawns. Kites always seem to appear on freshly mown fields, I presume its either for worms or...
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    Access to home via farm track

    This thread reminds me of an issue I had when I bought my first house, we had a servitude right to utilise a shared access across a very small section of the neighbour's back garden. When the next door house was sold and the new neighbours moved in I casually mentioned this to them on day over...
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    Access to home via farm track

    Look, you've come on here asking for advice on an issue. Yes some have sent some barbed comments your way but hey ho...welcome to the internet. You did say you were about to engage a solicitor, and I would think that if you have as good a relationship with your neighbour as you say you do, that...
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    Collie pup discipline

    Not sure about collies but trained plenty labs and spaniels and I'd definitely second a good growl with a firm grasp of the scruff works wonders without hurting or traumatising the dog.